Gilligan's Island Sound Page
Music/ Soundtrack from the show (Compiled by Ridgie Style)

Vol 1
Vol 2


The Pilot Theme
1st Season Theme
1st Season Ending
2nd Season Theme
2nd Season Ending
3rd Season Theme
3rd Season Theme w/ Commercial
3rd Season Ending
Nice Remastered Theme
GI Theme In French


1 Skipper, 2 Skipper...
Gilligan Gets Skipper
We're On Mars?
Gilligan Makes Fat Skipper Joke
Gilligan see's everything upside down
Hey Skipper!
Smooth Sailing
Pulu Sie Bagumba

Skipper Cuts Down Gilligan
Strangle Gilligan
Skipper's Logic
Skipper Wearing Door
Once Upon A Time
Skipper's poem

Manual labor
I'm Thurston Howell the III
Financial page

Lovey yelling at Thurston

Ms. Hourglass

Professor's Famous Line
Professor Greeting Howell's
Professor makes a funny
Professor trying to get his project done
Professor makes yet another funny
Professor get's the girls?
Back door?
Professor's wise words
Professor and Ginger in Movie
Professor Coaches Mary Ann
Professor says "What a Mess"

Mary Ann
Mary Ann's Speech
Mary Ann's gold slave bracelet


Skipper's Theme
Fishing Music
Fast Music
Lunar Module
Lunar Pops Out Lens
Party on the island
Soundtrack 1
Soundtrack 2 with girls
Soundtrack 3
Soundtrack 4 with Gilligan and Skipper
Soundtrack 5
Soundtrack 6
Soundtrack 7
Soundtrack 8
Soundtrack 9
Soundtrack 10
Soundtrack 11
Soundtrack 12
Soundtrack 13
Soundtrack 14
Soundtrack 15
Soundtrack 16 Air Force
Soundtrack 17 New Scene Sound
Soundtrack 18
Soundtrack 19
Soundtrack 20
Soundtrack 21
Soundtrack 22
Soundtrack 23 At The End of Each Episode


GI Theme Karaoke
Let Me Entertain You (Ginger)
It Had To Be You (Ginger)
You Need Us (Honeybees)
He's A Loser (Mosquitoes)
He's A Loser (The New Christy Minstrels)
Michael Andrew & Swingerhead's Loungey "Mary Ann"
Drunk's Sing Gilligan's Island
There's Something Wrong With Gilligan's Island
Gilligan's Island Titanic
Hawaiian Gilligan's Island Theme
Punk Rock - Ska Gilligan
Australian Band Sings It
Ginger Sings
El Hefe And Manic Hispanic
The Fat Boys Do Gilligan


GI Fan Club on Sydney Radio
Gilligan's Planet
Gilligan on Howard Stern
Trapped On The Internet
Stairway to Gilligan's Island
Isle Thing ("Weird Al Yankovic")
1997 Oscar Awards
Brill Sings Mary Ann
La Isla Gilligan
1988 Late Show with Whole Cast
Elian's Island
Sheet Music to Gilligan's Island
Gilligan's Island Theme Song with Audio
Gilligan's Two Digits for a Date
Ginger Has A CD

Midi Files
Skipper's Theme
Lord Beasley Theme
Short Theme
Walking Around
GI Theme by Donnie
I Wanna be Loved by You
Professor plays the Flute

Midi Pages
Gilligan's Island Theme Song
G I Double L I
He's a Loser (Mosquitoes)
You Need Us (Honeybees)

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