Gilligan's Island Internet Song
Does anybody really know who created this wonderful song by a couple of guys who had nothing to do one day? Little did they know that their song would be an instant hit on the web charts. Here it is for your listening enjoyment.
Just sit right back, and you'll hear a tale about my virtual trip. 
It started from my IBM, 
With a simple little click. 
I tried to surf the Internet, things did not go well. 
I wound up in a Chat Room with the cyber-geeks from Hell. 
(He's trapped in cyber-Hell) 
They won't shut up, I can't escape this AOL nightmare. 
If I signed on to Prodigy,  
I bet they'd find me there. 
Those geeks are everywhere. 
I'm stuck inside the World Wide Web with weirdos I just don't know. 
I hit F1, 
Unplugged the phone, 
I can't click out, I can't click in. 
It says, "In Chat" 
Oh, my God, 
I'm trapped on the Internet!