It's Time For Tina

This album ("It's Time For Tina") was originally recorded in 1957, and has now been digitally remastered for your listening pleasure. The CD contains love songs sung by Tina Louise, and we even have a sample song below for you to listen to. Info on ordering the CD is located at the bottom of this page.
To listen to the song, just press the Mood For Love button below.

CD Soundtrack:

1. Tonight Is The Night
2. Hands Across The Table
3. Smuggled On Your Shoulders
4. Embraceable You
5. I'm In the Mood for Love
6. Baby Won't You Say You Love Me
7. It's Been A Long Time
8. Hold Me
9. I Wanna Be Loved (not the song you're thinking of)
10. Let's Do It
11. How Long Has This Been Going On?
12. Good Night My Love

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