Gilligan's Walk Of Fame
(Out of date)

That's right! Gilligan has been nominated to get his own Star on Hollywood Blvd!We need to have a ground swell of support for Mr.Denver as the Hollywood Walk Of Fame people vote on these selections. It is not automatic, and factors such as support from us fans is important so they may expect a good turnout for the ceremony.

There is a Profiles in History Movie Auction being held in Los Angeles on June 26th and will be live online courtesy of LiveBid.

They have in the sale an original Gilligan shirt from the show and Thurston Howell's cash vault teddy bear. This bear was consigned to us by Bob Denver's son for the sole purpose of raising the funds necessary to promote for him a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Mr. Denver is a little embarrassed by this family gesture yet we all believe him to be deserving of the honor. The auction company put the bear on the cover of the catalog and has committed additional funds to the project beyond what it sells for. They also are underwriting advertising for it as well.

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