Gilligan's Island Survivor

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Are you familiar with the latest craze to hit the television? The show I'm
referring to is called "Survivor." 16 people were dropped off on an island
and they have to try to survive for 10 weeks. This is the hottest show on
television, and Gilligan's Island is always compared to it. The sole 
survivor will win 1 million dollars. Looking at the island picture above, it
reminds me of another familiar island. Look at the scenes at the bottom of 
this page. Those look familiar too! Hmmm.... Was this show secretly filmed 
on..... Naw, couldn't have been.

Nick at Nite did a Gilligan survey 
and guess who won?

Ultimate survivor on Nick at Nite was:

Professor    41%
Gilligan     25%
Mary Ann     16%
Ginger       7%
Skipper      6%
Thurston     3%
Lovey        2%

JEERS to unchartered claims. Even TV Guide recently poked some fun at CBS’s 
Survivor by com-paring it to Gilligan’s Island, but NBC’s Today got carried 
away. Matt Lauer recently interviewed two guests (a TV critic and a 
university professor) who didn’t care for Survivor. Not only was no one on 
hand to defend the rival network’s new hit, but the professor even went so 
far as to say that in the year 3000, "we’re going to be watching Gilligan’s 
Island, we’re not going to be watching Survivor." Gilligan in 3000? There’s 
a prospect that makes larvae seem appetizing.

The Courier Post newspaper (Southern New Jersey), by Nick Bozza 
Gilligan Wouldn't Survive
"The courage of the fearless crew wouldn't have helped the residents of 
Gilligan's Island if they'd been stuck with CBS' newest crop of castaways," 
Bob Denver says.
Since the debut of the network's Survivor, Denver says he's been repeatedly 
asked how the show compares to the fictional situations faced by the 
passengers of the shipwrecked SS Minnow.
'We didn't have rats to eat and we had no poisonous snakes,' Denver said.' 
We pretty much had a vegetarian diet and some fish.'
The 16 contestants on Survivor were left to fend for themselves on an island 
in the South China Sea. Each week one is voted out, and the last person wins 
$1 million.
Viewers of cable's Nick-at-Nite are being asked to choose which Gilligan's 
Island character could survive Survivor.
'Mary Ann WAS ahead. She could do everything right, and she could cook and 
take care of herself,' said Denver who played the feckless first mate 
Gilligan. 'I was in second place.....I don't know how.'"

This Article brought to you by Mary Ann

WHAT WOULD GILLIGAN DO?: Out there in TV land, the massive audience for the 
new hit show "Survivor" includes at least two members of the cast of that 
earlier show about survivors on a deserted island -- "Gilligan's Island." 
Bob Denver and Dawn Wells have their own opinions about who would have been 
kicked off the island they shared from 1964-67 on CBS -- and still share on
countless reruns around the world. Wells tells People magazine: "Ginger 
would have been the first to go. Then the Millionaire -- and next his wife, 
because she was the more cunning of the two." Wells figures Gilligan would 
have been next, followed by Mary Ann -- leaving the Skipper and the 
Professor to battle for supremacy. Denver, by the way, says you couldn't get 
him on the "Survivor" island "even for a million dollars." He tells People, 
"I don't eat rats." The people on "Survivor" did, on the first episode, and 
the buzz from that helped the second week's installment beat ABC's ratings 
monster -- "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" -- in the Nielsen ratings.

                   "Survivor is in, and so is Gilligan"

                   Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, 
                   A tale of a ratings test, 
                   That started back when Millionaire 
                   Tore a hole in CBS. 
                   That network's mighty gamblin' man 
                   A Skipper brave and sure 
                   Threw 16 strangers on a raft 
                   For a three-month-long tour. A
                   three-month-long tour. 
                   The ratings started getting rough, 
                   Some other shows were tossed 
                   If launched against the heart of sweeps, 
                   Survivor would be lost. Survivor would be lost. 
                   The show hit ground on the shore of this 
                   Deserted summer time, 
                   With Voyager 
                   In reruns too, 
                   No Millionaire, 
                   Or Whose Line 
                   That only leaves 
                   This lame ripoff 
                   Of Reege meets Gilligan's Isle.