Gilligan's Shirt

Looking for that authentic Gilligan look a like shirt for Halloween or other fun event? If you are, then look no further because we have found it for you! We just located a Rugby store in Canada that specializes in the making of Gilligan shirts. See for yourself:

The jerseys are preshrunk 100% cotton. The sizes are pretty normal to what you wear now. The shirt is made by Barbarian - who make very high quality rugby garments. You won't be able to rip it.

The STK019 (solid red/white collar) is $49.95 US dollars. XXL is $5.00 more, XXXL is $10.00 more. Shipping charge is $10.00 for US mail. It takes a few days before it leaves and then mail shipping will normally take about a week, depending on where you are in the US. It will slow down the closer we get to Christmas. Other shipping options are $20 for courier and $30 for air shipping.

Fan Club Special!
RESCUEME is the discount code when you get to the checkout.