Gilligan's Island Radio

Rich Cirivilleri made this radio!
I just made it with sheet styrene plastic and styrene rods and clear plastic. The tuning dial was made by studying the original packard bell dial and lettering and carefully hand stenciling it out at 10x the actual size, to allow for the straightest, smoothest lines possible, then shrinking it down to proper size and transferring it to clear vellum. actually, the hardest part was the radio's knobs. I had to scour the internet for trasistor knobs, and they're very hard to find. I finally found a guy who had 3 sets of the type I need, so theoretically, I could still make 2 more radios. Took me in all about 2 weeks. the brass colored backing is actual brass, and at one point while sanding it pulled a gilligan and forgot that the edge was razor sharp and ran my fingers across it. That hurt!!!!