Gilligan's Island Props

The Props of Gilligan’s Island
(written and produced by Michael Sohnly)

For those wishing to recreate the table setting environment of Gilligan’s Island, 
the following is a list of actual props used and their modifications as used during 
the shooting of various episodes. These items are still available today and can be 
purchased from various collectable shops as well as being found on Ebay. Included 
are screen captures from various episodes and the real life examples associated 
with them for validation and verification. 

Bamboo Glasses (Type A) – Actual sections of large diameter Bamboo. (3 -3 ½” dia.)
				Also used as a silverware holder.

Bamboo Glasses (Type B) - Paul Marshall Ceramic bamboo glasses marked “PMP 61”
		          accented with blue or orange artificial flower & straw.

Coconut Cups (Type A) – Actual coconut halves. (later abandoned due to leakage) 

Coconut Cups (Type B) - Stockton Islander marked “Stockton Islander, Stockton California”

Coconut Cups (Type C) – Orchids of Hawaii ceramic (Similar to Islander).

Coconut Cups (Type D) – Trader Vic’s ceramic

Plates (type A) – 10” pink Melmac with uniform Raffia lacing added.

Plates (type B) – 10” laminated wood.

Platter (Type A) serving – 14” laminated wood

Platter (Type B) serving – Oval pink Melmac with uniform Raffia lacing added

Bowls, soup – 8” dark brown Melmac with staggered Raffia lacing added.

Bowls, mixing – 12” dark brown Melmac.

Pineapple cups – Orange Minerware repainted pineapple brown or green/brown with a 
bamboo ring segment attached. 
The white interior liners have sometimes been removed.

Pineapple Pitcher – Orange Minerware repainted orange/brown.

Flatware - Bamboo handled knives, forks and spoons.

Dell Horoscope Magazine – February 196?

Bamboo Glasses On The Show
Bamboo Glass
Coconut & Pineapple Cups On The Show
Coconut Cups