Gilligan's Island Musical
The musical was featured in Old Town, San Diego, California. (Gosh, wish I was there!) Anyways, it was a box office hit, and was sold out every nite!

The story outline is pure Gilligan: the castaways are stranded, Gilligan finds parts of a rocket which the Professor assembles. The Howells help write a note to put in the rocket nose-cone, with island coordinates given by the Skipper. The girls (especially Ginger) help "motivate" the Skipper to peddle a rocket launching device to speed (as seen on photo above). The rocket is seen by a group of extraterrestrial aliens as being the launching of a wartime device. They come to "destroy the earth" but are dissuaded by Gilligan as he explains how the castaways (from all different "walks of life") have learned to all live peace. Of course, that's just a basic outline. There are a lot of additional adventures building huts, exploring caves (see photo left) and much, much more. We strongly recommend it as good, wholesome, family entertainment.

The music is fantastic and is well combines with the castaways adventures and we learn more about how the characters feel concerning themselves and each other; such as the Professor's frustrations at not being able to devise a workable rescue plan. (Incidentally, due to a "Gilligan" malfunction, the rocket that the castaways launch crashes back on the island!)

Unfortunately the Musical is no longer running.