Plan Your Own Gilligan Party!

Want to plan your own Gilligan's Island Party? Let's see if we can help! To
start it off, you need some plant life, costumes of course, plenty of 
coconuts, pineapple, mango's, sugar canes, pineapple drinks and lots of 
coconut cream pie!!! You can also have a look-a-like contest. There can be a 
Honeybees Concert, or you can get a group together to become the Mosquitos! 
You can serve duck, fish or pork. Another suggestion would be to watch a 
couple of episodes of Gilligan's Island on cable (NICK, TBS, TNT). Why not 
tape a bunch of episodes so they can watch it, or just play it in the 
background. Also look on the webpage for ideas, there are plenty. Oh, get 
some Hawaiin music and some leahs.
You can also print out some cool Wordsearch and other games here:
Make the Gilligan's Island Radio. Just print out this picture and tape it on a cereal box or something. Be sure to print it out for 12" wide by 3" high.
One of our loyal fan club members has put a party together, and it seemed so impressive, that I had to pass it along!!! For openers, when the guests arrive, (Castaway Costumes Only) they will be greeted at the door with a rum cocktail, while the theme song from Gilligan's Island is playing in the backround in a cassette player hidden on our front porch! Then, also for a Gilligan "EFFECT", on my front lawn,I'll have my daughters small pool boat capsized with a white tube and on it will say,of course, the S.S. Minnow! Decorations throughout the house will be, pineapples, coconuts, paper palm trees, and the Gilligan's Island movie playing and outside we will set up a hammock, transitor radio, and the tropical drinks served in coconut shells. (Pina Colada's and Banana Daiquiri's) I will be setting the tables with grass skirts and flower garlands, and lots of fresh flowers too! I even found tropical patio lights and torches, I'm also using boat cord (HEMP) and fish netting all around! The menu will be the folowing: Appetizers- pineapples broiled and wrapped with pastrami, coconut shrimp, and various cold dips. Main Entree's- The Professor's polynesian hamburgers, The Howell's Hawaiian chicken, The Skippers sweet and sour pork, and Gilligan's Jerk chicken pasta. For the side dishes we will have Ginger's Grilled fruit and veggie kabobs (zucchini, papaya, onions, pineapples in a mango marinade) plain white rice, tossed salad, and a aloha fruit salad with hula dressing! And for the dessert, we will be serving of course, Mary Ann's coconut cream pie, a white chocolate macadamian cheesecake, little seashell chocolates and fresh sliced mango and pineapples served in a pineapple boat! For the entertainment, we have great ISLAND MUSIC, like Bob Marley and limbo tunes like HOT HOT HOT!! And Hawaiian music to sip their chocolate macadamian hawaian coffee too! But our highlight will probably be the game show we are hosting: WHO WANTS TO BE A "GILLIONAIRE" All my questions and answers were drived from visiting the WONDERFUL web site: and Bob Denver's! Sooooo much helpful and interesting info and all the great links, I had a ball forming the questions! For example, the $100 question is of course the easiest How long was the tour supposed to be? Then they get progressively more difficult, like which fruit always gave Gilligan a rash? And the one million dollar question is At what university did Mr. and Mrs. Howell first meet? For prizes, I'm giving out anything that has to do with "tropical" ie: pineapple candle, mango, salsa, palm tree car air fresheners, coconut potpourri, etc. And the grand prize is dinner for two at a nearby tropical restaurant! Our party is for August 12th and the time of the shipwreck is 1900hrs. I had fun doing the invite, I used part of the theme song and personalized it using our address as the ship set ground on this encharted desert isle, and used our name for the closing line for here on Gilligan's Isle! I used a beach backround computer paper and found various clip art of palm trees and tropical drinks to add on the invite! I have always been a fan of the show and thought it would make a great home theme party idea! I have received alot of e-mail about this party theme. People across the country are very interested in it! Well, if you can think of anything I left out, please e-mail me back- thanks again! Mary Ann (A.K.A) Linda Good Luck Willy Gilligan