Nick At Nite Gilligan Marathon

A special thanks goes out to Pete Salisbury for sending us this article.

Attached is the information about NICK AT NITE'S GILLIGAN'S ISLAND:
THE SURVIVORS' GUIDE MARATHON which is scheduled to air June 4-9th.


		New York, NY  May 2, 2000 - Finally, after more than thirty
years, the seven survivors of the SS. Minnow have been rescued and put back
into primetime -- where they belong -- as Nick at Nite sets sail for
Gilligan's Island.  Beginning, Sunday, June 4 through Friday, June 9 from
9:00pm to 12:00 midnight, Nick at Nite will take a three-hour tour, a
three-hour tour, with each night focusing on one of the seven castaways who
were stranded on Gilligan's Island. The week-long showcase of Gilligan's
Island: The Survivors' Guide focuses each night on different castaways
including:  Gilligan (Sunday); the Skipper, too (Monday); the Millionaire
and his Wife (Tuesday); the Movie Star (Wednesday); the Professor (Thursday)
and Mary Ann (Friday), all whom were stranded on the uncharted desert
island.  Gilligan's Island will air weeknights at 9:00 and 9:30pm ET/PT
beginning Monday, June 12.

		"There are so many mysteries about Gilligan's Island that
keep Americans in heated discussions such as: why the intelligent scientist
-- who came up with so many inventions -- could not come up with an
effective escape strategy.  Ginger, Mary Ann and the Howells brought endless
amounts of clothing for a three-hour tour.  And why nobody created an
effective means of keeping Gilligan from ruining every single escape plan,"
explains Jim Burns, Senior Vice President of Nick at Nite Programming and
Creative.  "We hope our week-long showcase of this mind-boggling series will
shed light into how these survivors actually survived."

		Despite criticism of this popular sitcom, which aired from
1964-67, Gilligan's Island developed an enormous response from viewers and
became one of the most widely-seen and successful series ever in
syndication. Created by Sherwood Schwartz and inspired by Robinson Crusoe,
Schwartz developed what he believed to be a meaningful show that represents
various citizens of America, who were brought together to survive on a
deserted island.  With his selection of characters -- the wealthy, the
glamour girl, a brainiac, a wholesome girl, the misfit and the resourceful
bull of a man -- Schwartz had hoped that the audience would find someone on
the island with whom they could identify.

		The S.S. Minnow crew - the bumbling, Gilligan (Bob Denver)
and the Skipper, Jonas Grumby (Alan Hale, Jr.) -- get their passengers to
safety and then spend the next four years trying to get themselves off of
the island.  The other survivors include:  Thurston Howell III (Jim Backus)
and his wife Lovey (Natalie Schafer), who are worth millions of dollars;
Ginger Grant (Tina Louise), a Hollywood movie star; Mary Anne Summers (Dawn
Wells), an all-American girl from Kansas; and the Professor Roy Hinkley
(Russell Johnson), a scientist.


Sunday, June, 4th

A chance for rescue befalls the castaways, but there are complications: A
native family from another island is seeking a husband for their
not-too-attractive daughter and they decide Gilligan is just the man!
Gilligan has no intention of marrying, though doing so would mean a trip to
another island, where he might be able to make contact with the outside
Though Ginger and Mary Ann try to beautify the bride, she still looks awful.
Making matters worse, Gilligan can't even speak her language!
Jim Backus' real-life wife, HENNY BACKUS, guest-stars.

9:30p	#55 - SEER, GILLIGAN 
Gilligan becomes a psychic.  An island bush bears seeds which, when eaten,
make reading minds possible.  The other castaways pester Gilligan until he
promises to provide seeds for all.

Several bags of the psychic seeds are eagerly divided amongst the group.
They all immediately gulp down their seeds and try to read everyone else's
minds with disastrous results!

Gilligan's favorite American singing group, The Mosquitoes (LES BROWN, JR..,
GEORGE PATTERSON, ED WADE and KIRBY JOHNSON), land on the island.  A ship is
scheduled to pick the band up, but an ecstatic Gilligan forgets about the
possibility of rescue since he's so thrilled to meet his idols.
Everyone else looks forward to rescue, but The Mosquitoes, in no hurry to
leave the tropical paradise, plan to stay a month or more for a vacation.
Hoping to encourage an early departure, the castaways swarm around The
Mosquitoes to remind them of their many screaming fans back on the mainland.
But the plan backfires!  The Mosquitoes came to the island just to escape
their howling fans.

10:30p	#46 - HI-FI GILLIGAN 
Gilligan and the Skipper are moving supplies into a cave preparing for a
typhoon.  The Skipper accidentally hits Gilligan in the face with a crate,
pushing two of his teeth together and creating a radio receiver in
Gilligan's mouth!
Everyone is eager to listen to different stations, which are tuned in as
Gilligan turns his head.  Everyone, that is, but the Professor, who is busy
tracking the typhoon on the castaways' real radio.
Gilligan breaks the real radio, then hits his head and loses his dental
reception, thus putting an end to all reception.  With the typhoon getting
closer, everyone schemes for the triumphant return of "Radio-Gilligan."

**11p      91 - High Man On The Totem Pole
Gilligan and the Skipper find a totem pole topped by a carved head with a
face that looks exactly like Gilligan's!  The Professor believes the relic
belongs to a tribe of ferocious headhunting natives who often carve the
likenesses of their late kings on such totem poles.  Gilligan, intrigued by
the resemblance, supposes that he's descended from a native king.
Therefore, he must have hereditary headhunting instincts.
Gilligan fears for his comrades' safety, but they find his concern annoying.
The Skipper makes Gilligan a boomerang to play with and Gilligan launches it
expertly, pinning the Skipper's neck to the totem pole.  The Skipper is
amazed as Gilligan has never thrown a boomerang before and the only people
who have the skill to do so are the native headhunters!
Horrified, Gilligan tries to chop his likeness off the top of the totem
pole.  But when the real natives discover the severed head of their
ancestral king, they set out to do likewise to the culprit.

11:30p  #64- ALLERGY TIME
When the Skipper is allergic to Gilligan, Gilligan sadly leaves the hut they
share and moves in with the Professor.  The Professor soon develops the same
allergy, including constant sneezing and itching.
Gilligan moves in with the Howells, but they too succumb to the allergy!
Attempts to move in with Mary Ann and Ginger meet with the same results.
Gilligan finally heads to the other side of the island all by himself.

The Skipper Too...

Monday, June 5

9p     #56 - Love Me, Love My Skipper
The Howells plan a party.  Everyone receives an invitation except the
Skipper.  Displeased over the rude treatment of one of their friends, all
the other castaways reject the Howells' invitation and plan a party of their
Mr. and Mrs. Howell are mortified to imagine anyone turning down an
invitation to one of their parties!  Mrs. Howell blames her husband for the
blunder and he angrily moves out of their hut.
Gilligan then finds the Skipper's invitation lost in the woods and everyone
is willing to attend the Howells party...except the Howells!

A small boat with one man aboard lands on Gilligan's Island to rescue the
castaways.  The boatman, Dr. Balinkoff (VITO SCOTTI -"The Godfather"), lives
in a castle on a nearby island and 
saw the castaways' signal fire.  He takes Gilligan and the Skipper to his
island so they can pick up a larger boat to rescue the remaining
castaways.At the doctor's castle, Gilligan and the Skipper start feeling as
though they're in a haunted house.  Just before the other castaways arrive
at the doctor's island, Gilligan and the Skipper discover that their
suspicions are correct: Everything isn't as it appears to be in the huge

10p   #85 - COURT MARTIAL
A radio bulletin announces that the Maritime Board of Inquiry has declared
the Skipper at fault in the loss of his charter boat marooned on Gilligan's
Island.  Inconsolably depressed, the Skipper retires to the jungle alone.
The concerned castaways agree that the Skipper is completely blameless for
their plight and wonder how to make him feel better.
The Professor accepts Ginger's suggestion that the castaways recreate the
incident just as it happened.  Ginger works on lightning and waves, Mary Ann
on wind and thunder.  The Professor rocks the reconstructed boat deck and
the Skipper and Gilligan re-enact their roles of captain and first mate.
Gilligan then admits he threw the boat's anchor overboard as ordered, but
without the anchor chain!  The tiny ship had then crashed on a reef.
Sharing the guilt, Gilligan joins the Skipper in exile. Gilligan then has a
wild dream of derring-do on the high seas.

The Skipper, fearing something dreadful will happen to him, eyes a possible
leader for his succession.
The Skipper concludes the Professor has no leadership skills, and that Mr.
Howell won't make a decent leader either.  That leaves only poor Gilligan.
Reluctantly, the Skipper begins teaching Gilligan to lead the others.  But
the lessons don't progress fast enough.  Suddenly, the Skipper disappears,
leaving Gilligan in charge, and a disastrous turn of events is put into

11p	#52 - NOT GUILTY
A shipping crate containing old newspapers floats ashore.  The Skipper reads
that an unnamed castaway is being sought in a murder investigation.
Gilligan and the Skipper suspect one of their group of homicide.  Their
fears grow when they find the Professor splitting coconuts with an
improvised guillotine.
They rush off to warn the others and find the women brewing a cauldron of
poison.  The Skipper and Gilligan then discover a pistol in the Howell's

The Professor realizes the need to establish formal law and order.  The
Skipper is made sheriff and Gilligan is chosen as deputy.  Later the
Professor and Skipper go looking for phosphorescent rocks to attract passing
planes at night and Gilligan is left in charge.
Gilligan reads "Criminal Code and the Law" and immediately starts to
administer the book's policies.  He jails Mr. Howell for "stealing" the
Skipper's binoculars.  Then he arrests Ginger after he finds her "in
violation" of building a campfire too close to the huts.  He arrests Mary
Ann for "aiding and abetting" Ginger.  Next Mrs. Howell is caught "aiding a
jail break," while the Professor is cited for "possession of dangerous
weapons" (explosives for the rocks), and the Skipper for "police brutality"
(shaking Gilligan to free the others).

The Millionaire & His Wife...
Tuesday, June 6

9p    #41 - The Sweepstakes
Gilligan finds a lottery ticket which has the winning number for a South
American sweepstakes worth $1 million, tax free.  He's jubilant about the
prize and he's especially pleased that the Howells grant him membership in
their private country club.
But Gilligan soon tires of sitting around the club while the Howells doze,
so he grants each of the other castaways the initiation fee to the club.
With all the castaways as members, the Howells' club loses its
"exclusivity," and Mr. Howell realizes he hasn't seen the winning ticket
which has paid for the club memberships.  But it will be especially
difficult for Howell to ever see the ticket now, since Gilligan has lost it!

9:30p	#44 - AGONIZED LABOR
Gilligan and the Skipper hear a radio broadcast describing the collapse of
the Howell financial empire.  Mr. Howell is broke!
The castaways help the Howells learn to work for a living, since they have
never worked at anything but being rich.

After botched attempts at various career paths, it's apparent that the only
jobs the Howells can do are the ones they've taught to others: work as a
butler or cook!

The radio reports that Mr. Howell has been rescued and is selling blocks of
stock from his financial empire.  Hearing this, the real Mr. Howell starts
to swim to the mainland to save his finances, but the other castaways hold
him back.
Mr. Howell offers $1 million to the person who can get him safely back to
the mainland before the impostor squanders the Howell fortune.  The
castaways then begin devising plans to aid the tycoon.

10:30p	#74 - WHERE THERE'S A WILL
Mr. Howell revises his will, leaving each castaway a valuable piece of his
estate in appreciation for the friendship they've shown him during his
"internal disorder of the gastronomic tract."  The castaways decide to hold
a surprise feast in his honor, but Mr. Howell mistakes their efforts to kill
a wild pig as efforts to kill him for his money.
When Mr. Howell overhears the group planning to "cut the pig's throat," he
thinks they're talking about him and he moves to the other side of the
island.  However, Mrs. Howell confronts the castaways and she learns the
truth.  They then all go in search of the missing Mr. Howell.  Tracking
pieces of his apparel along the way, they are shocked to discover Mr.
Howell's hat floating in a quicksand pit.
Filled with sorrow the castaways hold an impressive funeral service,
eulogizing their lost friend and tearing up their copies of the will.
Meanwhile, Mr. Howell watches in bewilderment from atop a nearby tree.

Mrs. Howell finds a series of anonymous love notes under her pillow.  Mr.
Howell is determined to find out who her secret admirer is, although Mrs.
Howell is quite pleased with the new development.  Questioning the
Professor, the Skipper and even Gilligan, Howell receives absolute denials
of their guilt.  But Howell is not convinced!  He builds a lie detector and
submits his three suspects to intense interrogation.  All three prove
themselves innocent.  Howell then deduces there must be another man on the

Gilligan discovers the hull of an old ship near the island.  The castaways
salvage two large boxes which contain equipment to produce a silent movie.
The professor organizes a plan to make a movie of the island.  He hopes that
the movie can be put on a raft and discovered by someone on the mainland who
will rescue the castaways.
The movie is hilariously made, then put out to sea.  The castaways then wait
at the radio for news.

The Movie Star

Wednesday, June 7

9p	#82 - ALL ABOUT EVA
The castaways discover a beached boat in excellent condition.  Finding only
a woman's shoe prints in the sand, the castaways assume there's a female
visitor hiding on the island.  The castaways split up and search.  Gilligan
rests on a hollow tree trunk when he sees a woman hiding inside.  She is
named Eva and reveals she came to the island to get away from men as her
only date had been a disappointment.
Eva gives the Skipper the keys to the boat so the castaways can escape the
island while she stays behind.  During the preparations for the exodus, the
Professor thinks there should be a boat sent back to rescue Eva in two
weeks.  The castaways promise not to mention their plan to Eva, but Gilligan
gives the secret away by accident.
After everyone piles into the boat the next morning, they discover that the
engine's spark plugs are missing.  Eva has stolen them and she refuses to
give them back because of Gilligan's news.  Ginger suggests they help Eva to
look attractive so that she wouldn't mind going home.  Ginger, Mary Ann and
Mrs. Howell work on Eva, and it becomes shockingly apparent that Eva looks
exactly like the beautiful Ginger.  This gives Eva the sneaky idea of going
back to the mainland alone and taking up Ginger's abandoned movie career.

9:30p     #72 - THE PRODUCER
Hollywood producer Harold Hecuba (PHIL SILVERS - "The Phil Silvers Show")
makes an emergency landing on Gilligan's Island just as Ginger hears a radio
bulletin that he is on a worldwide talent search.  The egomaniacal Hecuba
informs the castaways that a rescue plane will soon come for him, but the
castaways soon find themselves having to submit to his arrogant orders and
selfish whims as they wait for the plane to arrive.
Hecuba first makes the Howells relinquish their accommodations and become
his maid and butler.  Then Ginger plays an assortment of characters in an
audition, but Hecuba laughs at her efforts, making Ginger feel as though her
return to Hollywood would be a flop.
When Ginger resolves never to leave the island under any circumstances, the
castaways plan a musical version of Hamlet to showcase her talents.  They
rehearse secretly so they can present the show for Hecuba.  But the producer
is awakened by the music, and, unable to restrain himself, announces that he
will personally be taking charge of all rehearsals.
The castaways are delighted and Ginger is encouraged.  But Gilligan
discovers Hecuba has vanished from the island the next day.  Guest Star:

The castaways argue over which of the island's three women is the most
beautiful.  Gilligan suggests a beauty contest should be held.
Since Gilligan has no favorite in the contest, his vote will be the deciding
one.  Everyone tries to influence his vote by flattery and bribery.  With
all three contestants looking like winners, Gilligan realizes that he has
put himself in the middle of a beautiful mess!

10:30p	#59 - SHIP AHOAX
The castaways begin to suffer from "Island Madness."  They have been trapped
in a small area for so long that they are tiring of each other to the point
of insanity.
The Professor and Ginger distract everyone from their problems by pretending
that Ginger can predict the future and that she sees a ship coming to rescue
them.  Joyfully looking forward to their impending rescue, all the castaways
forget their differences, but they also forget to watch for the rescue ship!

**11p     #45 - Nyet, Nyet -- Not Yet
Two Russian cosmonauts, Ivan and Igor (DANNY KLEGA and VINCENT BECK), land
on Gilligan's Island.  Their radio sends a message to a submarine which will
take them back to Russia.  The castaways are overjoyed as rescue is within
Gilligan overhears the Russians plotting to leave the castaways on the
island, since the cosmonauts don't want seven witnesses revealing their
mission's failure.
When word arrives that a submarine will make it to the island the next day,
the islanders feast together, and the Russians try to get the castaways
drunk on vodka.  Gilligan outsmarts the Russians, but cannot guarantee

An old legend says that a "white goddess" can be found on Gilligan's Island.
Three natives land in search of her so that she can be honored in their
tribal new year's feast.
The Skipper and the Professor find a cigarette lighter in the native's craft
and deduce that the natives must therefore have contact with civilization.
This may be a chance for the castaways to be rescued at last!  Sure enough,
the native king reveals the lighter came from the captain of a ship that
visits his island.
The natives encounter Mary Ann, Ginger and Mrs. Howell and mistake each of
them in turn for their goddess.  They do a fire dance to invoke a sign
indicating which one is the true goddess.  The girls willingly compete for
recognition as the goddess until they learn that the goddess must marry the
volcano god!  Mr. Howell heroically leads a defense of the girls, but gets
into serious trouble.  The castaways must then choose a goddess by sundown
or one will be taken by force!

The Professor...

Thursday, June 8

Erika Tiffany-Smith (ZSA ZSA GABOR - "Touch of Evil") arrives on the island
via yacht.  She is searching for a husband and a deserted island on which to
build a hotel.
Erika then falls in love with the Professor.  They become constant
companions around the island as he tries in vain to interest her in
scientific matters, while she tries to interest him in romance.

9:30p        73 - Voodoo
While exploring an island cave, Gilligan discovers ruins of an earlier
civilization.  When he makes gifts of the objects, the castaways discover
that the relics are cursed!
Strange things begin happening to the castaways as each loses a personal
belonging.  All the objects have been stolen by a witch doctor (EDDIE
LITTLESKY) who toys with voodoo dolls representing the castaways, causing
them all sorts of discomfort. Guest Star: EDDIE LITTLESKY
With a stick stuck in the bottom of the lagoon, the Professor measures the
ocean's high water mark.  His calculations reveal that the island is rapidly
Secretly, the men begin to build a new hut at the highest point on the
island.  At the same time, the women have them working all day landscaping
the area around the old hut in the "lowlands," since the women don't realize
the island is sinking, and that the landscaping project is futile.
Daily, the Professor's measuring stick shows the water is rising higher.
Finally, the girls are told of the dilemma.  They encourage the men to build
an ark so they can float off the sinking island.
Work on the ark is moving along, then the castaways discover their work is
all a waste of time!

10:30p       79 - The Invasion
While fishing in the ocean, the Skipper and Gilligan catch an attaché cast
bearing the words "Property of U.S. Government."  A pair of handcuffs hang
from the handle.  The Professor feels that someone will come looking for the
case and will rescue the castaways.  They refrain from looking inside the
case as it probably contains "top secret material."
Each castaway sneaks over to the Professor's hut at night to peek inside the
case, but he catches each one before they can see inside.  Forbidding anyone
to go near the case, the Professor smashes his fist on its lid and the case
pops wide open.  Inside, the castaways spy a folder labeled "U.S. Defense
Plans Against Enemy Attack."
The Professor warns the castaways that the case has probably been lost by a
secret agent while defending his valuable information against enemy agents.
Now the enemy agents are sure to trace the case to the island.  Gilligan
goes to bury the case for safekeeping and inadvertently locks himself in the

11p      63 - Ghost A Go Go
Gilligan's Island has a ghost (RICHARD KIEL - "The Spy Who Loved Me,"
"Moonraker").  The castaways see and hear strange things at night which
frighten them greatly, including mournful moaning and a shadowy figure
drifting around the island.
The Professor organizes a search for a missing sheet, which disappeared a
few days earlier.  He believes that the "ghost" is actually the missing
sheet blowing around in the wind.
But the search leads the castaways to a rowboat loaded with supplies and a
note from the ghost!

11:30p	#90 - SPLASHDOWN
A newly launched space capsule will pass directly over Gilligan's Island
according to the Professor's calculations.  The Professor supervises the
construction of a "telegraph machine," hoping to make contact with the space
craft and secure rescue.  As the capsule comes into immediate range, the
Professor taps out a message.  But the telegraph merely creates static
between the space capsule and its headquarters.
The castaways then hear a radio report that the astronaut in the space
capsule can clearly see the lights of Mexico City from high above.  The
Professor devises a new plan to spell out "SOS" with flaming tree trunks so
the astronaut will spot the castaways when he passes over at night.  When
Gilligan sets the tree trunks ablaze, he accidentally includes his pants!
In the ensuing confusion, Gilligan knocks the "SOS" signal out of shape,
spelling "SOL."  The astronaut sees the flaming tree trunks and radios his
appreciation of the "clever stunt by those people down on that tiny island."
It turns out that the astronaut's name is Sol!
The dismayed castaways become hopeful again when they see the space capsule
landing in their lagoon.

and Mary Ann (& the Rest Episodes)

Friday, June 9

The men of Gilligan's Island learn from a radio newscast that Mary Ann's
boyfriend back home has married another girl.  The men don't want Mary Ann
to be hurt by the news.  Rather than tell their friend what has happened,
they try to divert her attention by pursuing her en masse!
Gilligan, imitating Charles Boyer, the Skipper acting like Matt Dillon, and
the Professor with a Cary Grant persona, all engulf Mary Ann with masculine
charm.  She thinks they've all gone crazy!

Mary Ann is enthralled by fellow castaway Ginger Grant's ability to act,
sing and dance.  The plain Mary Ann wishes that she could be a movie star
just like Ginger.  When Mary Ann trips and is knocked unconscious, she wakes
up believing she's Ginger Grant.  The Professor tries to figure out a
psychiatric approach to Mary Ann's problem.  He advises the castaways that,
until he's cured her, they should cater to Mary Ann's illusions.  Ginger
must disguise herself as Mary Ann so she won't worsen the psychological
disorder in Mary Ann's mind.  But when the real Ginger loses her Mary Ann
disguise in order to do the laundry, Mary Ann spies her and goes into a
trance.  The Professor now believes he can hypnotize Mary Ann back to her
old self.  Gilligan, watching the proceedings, also falls victim to the
hypnotism.  Upon waking, Mary Ann still thinks she's Ginger, and Gilligan
now thinks he's Mary Ann!

10p            80 - The Kidnapper
Mrs. Howell is kidnapped for a ransom of $10,000.  Mr. Howell pays and Mrs.
Howell is returned.  Then Mary Ann and Ginger are each kidnapped at
successively higher ransoms.  When Ginger returns, she reveals that the
kidnapper intends to kidnap each of the castaways, then start again.  The
Professor plans to outsmart the peculiar stranger with a trap using Gilligan
as bait!  In the chaos that ensues, Gilligan is ensnared in the trap and the
kidnapper is ensnared by the Skipper.
The castaways detain the kidnapper and question him.  He is Norbett Wiley
(DON RICKLES - "Casino"), a compulsive kidnapper who left civilization to
avoid the temptations of a life of crime.  Wiley's boat had been washed
ashore in a storm and, upon discovering the castaways and the presence of
the rich Howell's, he got his old compulsions back again.  The Skipper and
the Professor decide to use Norbett's boat to take them all off the island
and Norbett to justice.
They go to fix the damaged boat but Norbett manipulates the castaways'
emotions with disastrous results.  Guest Star: DON RICKLES

While Gilligan and Mary Ann hang up a clothesline, Mary Ann suddenly
disappears.  The Professor fears that headhunters from a neighboring island
have abducted her.

Splitting into two groups, the castaways go in search of Mary Ann.
Returning without finding her they discover that Ginger has now mysteriously
disappeared.  Because it's the women who have been abducted, the Professor
feels that the headhunters must want them as brides and they are now likely
to try and get Mrs. Howell.  The Professor plans to find the two women by
following the headhunters, using Gilligan, disguised as Mrs. Howell, as a
decoy.  While the men watch, they hear Mrs. Howell scream and dash toward
the lagoon to head off the headhunters' escape.

There, the Professor notices that there are no canoes is sight, no
footprints and no landing marks to be seen.  He deduces that there must not
have been any visitors to the island at all.  Obviously, one of the
castaways has gone crazy from living on the island for so long and developed
a personality disorder.
**11p     75 - MAN With a net
Famous butterfly collector, Lord Beasley (JOHN MOGIVER), appears on
Gilligan's Island to catch the world's rarest specimen: the Pussycat
Swallowtail.  When the creature is captured, Beasley will fire a flare
notifying a boat from a neighboring island to pick him up.  He also agrees
to take the castaways with him at that time.  The Professor, afraid that it
might take years to catch the specimen, suggests that the castaways assist
Lord Beasley in his quest.
His Lordship then proceeds to put the group through an elaborate series of
extremely difficult tasks.  Desperate for rescue, the Howells try to bribe
Beasly to fire his flare gun, and Ginger tries to seduce the newcomer with
disappointing results.  The Professor almost becomes friends with the
determined Beasley when he learns a few facts about butterflies and tries to
impress the collector.  But Beasley discovers the Professor's fakery.
Beasley, angered at the castaways' attempts to trick him into saving them
before his butterfly is captured, orders his new assistants to begin
stalking the object of his devotion.  
The Skipper and Gilligan take drastic action: They paint the wings of a
plain butterfly to look just like the Pussycat Swallowtail!  Sharing their
good fortune with Beasley, the collector is overjoyed and declares the quest
complete.  They wait for him to fire the flare just as rain starts to fall.

11:30p     86 - The Hunter
Hunter Jonathan Kincaid (RORY CALHOUN) lands on the island.  Gilligan
informs him no wild game exists in the area, but seven human beings will be
overjoyed to be rescued.  Kincaid then sees his chance to pursue a new kind
of game, the most challenging quarry of humans!
Kincaid resorts to a series of cunning questions and observations to
determine which castaway is the best candidate for his challenging scheme.
In the mean time, the castaways unwittingly prepare to leave the island.
At a party in his honor, the hunter announces his intention to use one of
his new acquaintances as his quarry.  He'll see that all the castaways are
returned to civilization if the person chosen can elude him.  If not, they
will all stay.  And his choice is Gilligan!

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