Microsoft Flt Sim - Gilligan's Island Scenery

Creator: Richard F. Nagel

I have been a Flight Simulator fanatic (or should I say a "pilot wannabe") and a fan of the TV sitcom "Gilligan's Island" for quite some time, and thought to myself "Why hasn't anyone ever created scenery for Gilligan's Island?." Several combat flight simulator's (such as Microprose's "1942: The Pacific Air War") have "easter eggs" in the programs refering to Gilligan's Island, but none in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

I've been flying MS Flight Simulator since version 2.0 (back in 1989), but have never created any scenery for it from scratch... until now. The result is a freeware Gilligan's Island scenery pack for MS Flight Simulator versions 5.1, 95, and 98!

This scenery is a "real-world" depiction of "Gilligan's Island" from the popular TV sitcom. The location and style of the island and scenery objects are based on data from the Internet and directly from the TV show. The position of the island is latitude 10 North and longitude 140 West (which was derived from Episode 18 of the TV show, "X Marks the Spot"), and is about 1240 NM southeast of Honolulu, Hawaii. The altitude (0 feet MSL) and magnetic variation (09E (-9)) are based on real-world coordinates.

You will need to have Microsoft Flight Simulator 95 or 98 loaded onto your computer before taking advantage of this scenery. You will also need to unzip it and then read the file named gilligan.txt for installation instructions. Install scenery at your own risk. In other words, don't sue the Howell's!

Navigation Map
Hut Area
Airport on Island
Radar of Island
Crew on Island