Remote Control S.S. Minnow
(Designer Pat Tritle)

I've been a modeler virtually all my life. I started at age 5 with simple free flight model airplanes, and over the years worked into more complex projects. As time went on, I would make model boats and airplanes from scrap wood taken from peach crates, and build display models using paper time cards my dad brought home from work.

Later, in the mid 60's, we started building U-control airplanes, which I learned to fly, and then got interested in remote control shortly there after. My first radio was an old 10 channel reed set that my dad got from a gentleman he worked with in 1968. My first R/C model was a "Speed" boat that I designed and built in high school.

The radio idea came from the customer for whom I had build an Orca display model. He actually has a radio, which he photographed, scanned and sent over. I reduced it and made the "model" radio from that. It's small (.8" wide), but really was effective in bringing the boat to life.

During my high school years, I took all the drafting classes I could get, and designed several boats and airplanes as drafting class projects. In my junior and senior years I worked as a detail draftsman in the D. O. (Diversified Occupations) program, working with the engineers who designed roll feeds for punch presses.

After high school I did a hitch in the Air Force where I continued modeling with plastic kits and U-control flying models. After basic training, I picked up that old boat, and continued to run it until 1978 when it was retired from sheer ware and tare. After the Air Force it was off to a 17 year career in the auto repair business until 1993 when I started the custom model building business.

During the 10 years in business I have designed many R/C and free flight model airplanes and boats, and have offered plans of the designs, as well as over 40 kit designs through Hobby Lobby Int. and Dare Distributing. Since 1971, I have had over 30 articles published featuring plastic model construction, flying model airplane and boat designs, and "How To" articles on the subject of both boats and airplanes.

What the future holds is still anybody's guess, but it's safe to say that modeling will be a part of it. As long as there are boats and airplanes still needing to be modeled, I'll be there working with it. And, I really enjoy talking with other modelers sharing ideas and techniques with them. Even after 45 years of modeling, there's still a lot to be learned!

Pat Tritle