Filming Flubs and errors that are noticed when watching certain episodes of Gilligan's Island.

In the show's opening, there is a very minute detail which indicates that at the time of filming, our nation was in mourning over the loss of President Kennedy. As the S.S. Minnow is departing from the marina, it passes in front of a small building on the shore in the background with a flagpole situated to the right of it. The flagpole enters the picture just before the camera switches to a different view of the boat, which then shows the Minnow heading out to open sea. Flying from the flagpole is the American flag, and it is flying at half staff which (on November 26, 1963) is in memory of President Kennedy. This opening sequence can be seen on the opening of all black and white episodes.
During the show's theme song in the beginning they show Gilligan and the Skipper on the ship's deck and when they say the words, "...the Minnow would be lost..." Skipper moves to the right and his elbow bumps out from behind the deck wall (you then can tell the "ship" is only a wooden front they're standing behind). I think this was the black and white version.
The boat that the Professor is trying to fix is named "Minnow", but the one that is shown in the opening credits says "SS Minnow".
As early as the second season, the Skipper has two shirts, both royal blue polo shirts. One has raglan sleeves, the other regular sleeves. The one with raglan sleeves appears to have a permenant "guava jelly" stain below the neck opening. The Skipper appears to change his shirts often, even during a cutaway.
Pilot Episode ("Marooned"). Near the beginning of the first episode, wait until you can see the boat in the background. Look at the people on the boat. Those people aren't the castaways that are normally on the island! The rest of the episode has the regular people. (Note: The reason this happened, was the beginning of the episode was also shot for the pilot episode. The people in the background were the original cast, not the cast we know and love today).
Pilot Episode ("Marooned"). As a plane flies overhead, the castaways use fish to spell out the word 'HELP' on the beach. Gilligan ruins their rescue hopes by constructing the letter 'P' backwards. However, since all the remaining letters are correct, anyone seeing the letters from the air should be able to decipher the world 'HELP!
Episode #2 is entitled "Home Sweet Hut" and is about the time that the castaways build one hut, decide it's too crowded, and then decide to build their own individual huts. During this episode, Gilligan visits the girls' hut and Mary Ann and Ginger smell some homemade (hut-made?) fudge burning! When Gilligan tries to open the door, the four hut walls fall down and we can see there is nothing inside the hut! No stove, no fudge, no nothing!
Episode #2, home sweet hut, as the storm rages outside, a small metal canteen is sitting next to Ginger on the table. The rocking of the table knocks it on the floor, but in the next shot, she has it in her hand and is drinking from it!
Episodes #3 & 57 have conflicting superstitious beliefs! In episode 3, the Skipper and Professor go to search the island and leave Gilligan to guard the other castaways with a gun and a rabbit's foot! Before they leave, the Skipper tells Gilligan to use the `rabbit's foot' if the gun doesn't work. However, in episode 57, as Gilligan is searching through the laundry to find his lucky `rabbit's foot,' the Skipper tells him that the belief in a `rabbit's foot' is nothing but an old wives' tale, and anyone who actually believes in it must be out of his mind.
Episode #3, Gilligan is in the supply hut looking for an alleged "monster!" Suddenly, he sees the shadow of the hut's door open. When Gilligan moves towards the door and out of camera range, you can see the shadow of a stagehand throw a dummy at him, which Gilligan then fights off as he enters the picture again.
Episode #6, "President Gilligan," Gilligan is elected president of the island. When he is giving a speech during dinner, he is asked to pass a plate of food. The plate is so hot that he can't hold it! Well, if It's so hot, how come the Skipper and Professor had no problem holding it for a considerable amount of time?
Episode #7, ("The Sound of Quacking"),there are no brick structures visible in the clearing where the castaways live. But, the first two times that the duck appears in the cage there is clearly a brick wall visible from the cage. These two shots were duplicates of a shot from Gilligan's dream (where the duck appears inside a jail) but were out of place in the castaway's clearing.
Episode #8, the Professor glues the S.S. Minnow together. Later, in that episode, the glue doesn't stick and the boards (from the Minnow) fly apart and the Minnow is completely destroyed! However, in episode #35, Gilligan and the Skipper had a bet on the Minnow, and the Skipper loses that "old tub." Does that mean Gilligan only won Minnow planks? Or doesn't that infer that the Minnow was still partially intact? Also in episode #96, The Professor takes a picture of the shipwrecked people in front of the minnow to attach to the Homing Pigeon.
Episode #8, while it makes sense that the boards that were glued onto the boat to repair the holes would come loose and fall off, there's absolutely no reason whatsoever for the rest of the boat to fly apart the way it does.
Episode #9, Mary Ann and Ginger are fishing when they hook something big. The Skipper helps by taking hold up of the line. In one shot, his feet are almost in the water..ALMOST. Then, in the next shot, the Skipper is wet up to his knees, when he didn't go in the water yet.
Episode #9, Gilligan and Mr. Howell discover a Gold mine. Later, as the castaways attempt to leave the island in a raft, Lovey is the first one to fall through-into the lagoon. But in the next shot as Howell says, "Women and luggage first," Mrs. Howell is dry and sitting back on the raft next to Mr. Howell. In addition, just prior to the gold mine discovery (as Gilligan goes after a golf ball that Mr. Howell hit), the shadow of a stagehand is seen in front of him. ALSO-as the Skipper talks to Gilligan in an underground cave, a boom microphone can be seen in the top left of the frame!
Episode #9, there is a scene where Mr. Howell falls into a pit. If you watch closely you will notice that there is a ledge just below the camera that Howell uses to fall/roll into the hole. Looks like it was deliberate so that he wouldn't get hurt on stage.
Episode #11, "Angel on The Island," Gilligan and the Skipper are reminiscing about the rescues that Gilligan ruined. At one point, Gilligan acknowledges that he lost the anchor which caused the Minnow to strike a reef. However, in episode #5, "Court Martial," the castaways build a mock Minnow to find out what went wrong during the storm that caused them to get shipwrecked! (Also, after recreating the storm the castaways find that Gilligan forgot to attach the anchor-line to the anchor before casting it overboard!)
Episode #15, a Japanese sailor from World War 11 comes to the island in a submarine. Later, Gilligan attempts to pilot the Japanese submarine back to the island for help. As he submerges, it is obvious that the "submarine" consists of only the turret itself! As the submarine begins to descend with the hatch open, you can see water rising up from inside the turret as it nears the surface of the water. In addition, as the turret sinks below the surface, you can see Gilligan's feet splash the water's surface on the outside of the turret!
Episode #16, "PIant You Now, Dig You Later," Gilligan finds a treasure chest that when opened only contained old cannonballs. However, in the closing credits, it said: "Special Guest (Star) Larry Storch as Jackson Farrell." But there was no guest on that show; he was in the following episode: "Little Island, Big Gun!"
Episode #17, At the end of the episode when Jackson Farrell is leaving in the boat, the Professor calls him............MR. JACKSON ..............when in fact he should have called him MR. FARRELL.
Episode #18 a missile is headed to the island to test its guidance module. During the episode Gilligan looks into the Professors handmade mirror and mentions that he has not seen himself in a long time-EVEN THOUGH there is a mirror hanging in his hut! (In addition, the Howells and Ginger also have mirrors!)
Episode #18, a missile is launched and lands in the lagoon. The missile has a `homing' device and heads towards the castaways. Then, the castaways split into two groups with Gilligan, the Skipper, Ginger and the Professor running to the right side of the missile while everyone else runs to the left. When the camera `pans' to the left of the missile we see the other castaways and the Professor who is now on the left side of the missile! I guess he ran around the island and showed up on the left of the two seconds!
Episode #18 is entitled "X Marks THE SPOT" and is about when the castaways learn from their radio that their island is targeted by the Pentagon to test a new explosive missile. During this episode, the missile is to be launched to the "isolated" island located 250 miles southeast of Hawaii at 140 longitude and 10 latitude. However, if these coordinates are plotted and measured, it is found that the island is actually (exactly) 1418 miles southeast of Hawaii. In addition, if "Gilligan's Island" was at this location, the nearest "charted" island to it would be Kiritimati (Christmas) Island, belonging to the Republic of Kiribati.
Episode #19, "Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy." When Gilligan sees the jungle boy and the boy shows him the rock filled with helium, you can easily see the string holding Gilligan's hat when it floats in the air.
Episode #20 (St. Gilligan and the Dragon), the girls leave the men because the men won't build them a hut. Thurston Howell begs Lovey to stay and says: "But Lovey, we've been married 19 wonderful years." But, later that night, the men are talking about women and Mr. Howell says, "I know everything there is to know [about women]. I've been married to one for 22 years." Not 19 years as he had said previously, in the same episode!
Episode #21, the surfer (Duke Williams) lands on the island. When Duke Williams comes ashore on the surfboard, he collapses on the beach wearing only a loincloth. But throughout the episode, he wears long pants, a t-shirt and a hat which could not possibly fit the other castaways!
Episode #21, "Big Man on Little Stick", When Skipper goes in the water to get Gilligan out from under the surfboard, his pants are already wet, as if the scene had been shot more than once without him changing clothes.
Episode #23, "How to be a Hero" When Gilligan is giving his little "hero speech," the Skipper shows Gilligan the skull and then Gilligan faints. The shot moves out and we see Gilligan fall straight back behind the table. HOWEVER, if you look under the table, you can clearly see the mat that Bob Denver lands on, and to confirm what it is, it moves when he lands on it.
Episode #24, "Big Man on a Little Stick," surfer Duke Williams says that if he doesn't get off the island "he'll go ape!" He eventually does ago ape" as Tongo the Ape Man in episode #88, "Our Vines Have Tender Apes!" (Did Duke/Denny have ESP? Did he know that 64 episodes later he would be an Ape Man?)
Episode #27, the castaways think they hear the voices of gangsters-which is really just the talk of a parrot. During a scuffle between Gilligan, the Skipper, the Professor and Mr. Howell, a "dummy Gilligan" can be seen as it is thrown in from the right side by a stagehand. ALSO near the end of the episode-Gilligan takes two bites from a cracker, but when he hands it to the parrot, the cracker is complete again!
Episode #28, "They're off and Running," Mary Ann has a vegetable garden, and Gilligan is seen eating carrots, and it is said there are turnips, lettuce, and other vegetables. However, in episode 71: "Pass the Vegetables Please," they say that they missed vegetables and that they haven't had them since they were shipwrecked. Maybe they forgot that Mary Ann had a whole garden full right there on the island!
Episode #35, "My Fair Gilligan," Mr. Howell adopts Gilligan! In a scene where Gilligan and Mr. Howell are talking to each other, Mr. Howell is wearing glasses in a long shot; and then, when the camera cuts to a close-up, Mr. Howell is no longer wearing them. Also, Ginger glances off screen and almost breaks up laughing after getting splattered with a pie!
Episode #35, Gilligan saves Mrs. Howell's life. Because of that, the Howells adopt Gilligan and call him "Gilligan Thurston Howell the Fourth." In that episode, they mention that they have no children. However, in 1981, in the movie: "THE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS ON GILLIGAN'S ISLAND," the Howell's suddenly have a son, Thurston Howell IV. Did they adopt a son sometime during the "Rescue" movie, or did the writers forget about episode #35?
Episode #38, "Beauty Is As Beauty Does," Mr. Howell tries to bribe Gilligan into casting his deciding vote for Mrs. Howell in the beauty contest. Gilligan refuses, to which Mr. Howell claims that he was only testing Gilligan's honesty and to "cherish the thought" that it was a bribe when he meant to say "perish the thought."
Episode #39, Gilligan dreams that he is a dictator of a Latin American nation. However, the decoration hanging from his neck is a Knight's Cross (a German decoration from World War II). The Knight's Cross was an enlarged version of the famous Iron Cross. If you look closely, you can see the faint outline of a Nazi swastika in the center of the cross!
Episode #40, a Mars probe lands on the island in the episode, "Smile, You're on Mars Camera." When the probe lands on the island, the men at NASA are very shocked and surprised as they notice palm trees and huts. But, according to the radio announcer, he said that the NASA men reported seeing palm trees and huts before the probe landed.
Episode #40 , "Smile, You `re on Mars Camera"), Ginger has a shawl wrapped around her when the glue pot explodes, but does not have one on just prior to the explosion. Also, the castaways gather in front of the camera with S.O.S. signs. When nothing happens, the Professor suggests that they rest. Gilligan then places all the signs behind the camera-all but the Skipper's. But later when Gilligan runs to get the signs and knocks over the camera, the Skipper's sign is there with the others. Finally, at the end of the episode, the Professor asks the Skipper for the time. The Skipper calls for Gilligan who walks out of the hut and cuckoos three times. As Gilligan returns to the hut, the door seems to mysteriously close behind him.
Episode # 40 (Smile, You're On Mars Camera) contradicts Episode #66 ("V" for Vitamins.) In episode #40, Gilligan says that he doesn't want the Mars probe to see him because then his brother will see him and clobber him because Gilligan is wearing his shirt. Yet in episode #66, Gilligan clearly states that he doesn't have a brother! The only explanation I can think of is that when Gilligan said he didn't have a brother, it was in a dream sequence, so maybe in real life he has a brother but in the dream he didn't.
Episode #43, the castaways find some silent movie equipment and make a silent movie in which they hope will initiate their rescue. As the castaways watch the silent movie that they produced, it's interesting to note that the accompanying music (in the background) is the Gilligan's Island theme song [without Iyrics]!
Episode #43, "Castaways Films Presents," the Skipper tries unsuccessfully to fit into a wet suit. The Professor immediately states that he (the Professor) can't fit into it either. If he already knew this, why did he let the Skipper try it on?
Episode #45, ("Nyet, Nyet, Not Yet"), Gilligan states that the current time is 8:00 am and that he set his watch earlier that morning from a radio broadcast at 10:30am! Does time somehow go backwards on the island -- as there is a -150 minute difference from the radio broadcasted time to the time he set his watch to?
Episode #46 is entitled "Hi Fi Gilligan" and is about the time when Gilligan's fillings acted as a radio receiver. When the Professor and Gilligan look up into the sky, the sky shows the same cloud formation that is seen in the show's opening sequence when the Minnow is being tossed about!
Episode #47, "The Chain of Command," Gilligan orders the remaining five castaways to begin for the Skipper "right now." Obviously they didn't leave at once because May Ann has changed from her red gingham dress to blue jeans.
Episode #47, Gilligan becomes the castaways leader-in place of the Skipper. Towards the end of the episode while Gilligan is leading the castaways towards camp, he is walking backwards and falls off a cliff. If you notice, when he falls he's wearing the Skipper's hat and when they show Gilligan holding onto a tree branch, he is once again wearing his own hat.
Episode #48, "Don't Bug The Mosquitoes," Mr. Howell stands in front of the castaways' curtained stage and introduces the Honeybees. The curtains on the stage, however, seem to open by themselves. For when the curtains opened the girls were set and ready on stage. Gilligan, the Skipper, and she Professor were seated in the audience, and Mr. Howell was moving toward the phonograph. Therefore, none of the castaways opened the curtains.
Episode #50, "Mine Hero," Gilligan reels in a magnetically attracted World War II mine. When trying to deactivate the mine, Gilligan gets `pulled into it' by the magnetic qualities of the mine pulling Gilligan by his Lucky Clover Necklace! But how come the mine didn't react to Gilligan's Lucky Clover Necklace when he first found it?
Episode #51 is entitled "Erika Tiffany-Smith To The Rescue" and is about the time that Erika Tiffany-Smith (played by Zsa Zsa Gabor) lands on the island with the primary purpose to build a resort after she leaves the island, she has ample time (during a radio interview) to tell the proper authorities that she came across all the passengers of the Minnow - alive and safe on an island! How come she doesn't tell the authorities this? [Although not a filming flub, Erika really goofs!]
Episode #53, ("You've Been Disconnected"), a conversation between Ginger and the Professor indicates that the Skipper's birthday is in April. However in episode #28 ("They're Of and Running"), Ginger directly asks the Skipper when his birthday is so she can correctly 'read' his month's horoscope and the Skipper says his birthday is May 8th! Also, since birthdays were 'celebrated' or 'not celebrated' during numerous episodes, why would there by any doubt or confusion as to when any castaway's birthday would be!
Episode #59, "Ship Ahoax," Ginger says she can predict the future. She pretends to read a crystal ball. (Unknown to the other castaways, the Professor is helping Ginger by hiding underneath a table.) With the Professor under the table, there is a very large tablecloth over it (to hide him) but during the close-ups of him- you can see the jungle and trees behind him instead of the back side of the table cloth (so he's not hiding from anyone!)
Episode #59, "Ship Ahoax," Gilligan accidently breaks Ginger's crystal ball. Inevitably, in the next scene the (repaired) crystal ball again shows up in the middle of the table, under which the professer is sitting.
Episode #61, "Operation Steam Heat," The volcano is going to erupt. During the scene when the castaways feel the tremor, if you look between Ginger and Mary Ann, you will see a balloon inflate to provide the ash. It occurs just as skipper mentions it never snows on a tropical island.
Update: Actually it was Mrs. Howell's parasol opening. Look at it again.
Episode #62, an imposter (look-a-like) Mr. Howell takes the wallet from the real Mr. Howell and then leaves the island! Just seven episodes later, in episode #69, Gilligan is in the Howell's hut in the middle of the night. When Gilligan accidentally wakes Mr. Howell, Thurston asks Gilligan if he's after his (Mr. Howell's) wallet! [Ed.- Maybe Mr. Howell had more than one wallet]
Episode #65, we see several outside shots of Boris Balinkoffs island castle. The shots of this castle are from the movie: The Pit and the Pendulum (1961) starring Vincent Price; and is available on video cassette!
Episode #65, the castaways are taken to Dr. BalinkofFs island. Gilligan and the Skipper are sitting at a dinner table in Balinkoffs castle. When Balinkoff and his assistant, Igor, leave Gllligan and the Skipper alone in the room, a dog emerges from behind a walled bookcase that mysteriously opens and closes by itself.
Episode #65, a mad scientist takes the castaways (off the island) to his castle. While in the castle, Ginger is wearing red shoes. However, as the castaways return to the island, she's suddenly wearing white shoes!
In episode #65 the castaways escape from the mad scientists Island by stealing his motor boat. Instead of using the boat to return to civilization they return to their Island.
Episode #66, "V For Vitamins," the castaways are suffering from a vitamin C deficiency and they argue over Gilligan's last orange. However, the Professor fails to realize that the pineapples sitting in a bowl on the table also contain Vitamin C!
Episode #71, Gilligan says that he loves spinach! Then in episode #19, Gilligan was using the lie detector and said that he loved spinach, and it said that he was lying!
Episode #71 is entitled "Pass The Vegetables Please" and is about the time when a crate of radioactive vegetable seeds wash ashore. During this episode, when the planted seeds start to grow, Gilligan calls out for the other castaways to come and look at their garden. The Professor can't believe that the seeds grew into plants so fast and Mary Ann asks about how the carrots are doing. If it's true that Mary Ann's favorite vegetable is carrots and that she grew up on a farm, she certainly would have noticed the carrots growing right in front of her!
In episode # 72 "The Producer" After the Producer has told the professor to speed up the tempo, Hecuba runs back on the stage.You can see the door swing shut. The the door swings open partly, falls off the hinges and starts to fall on the stage. But when the camera goes back to the stage, the door is back and shut. (I guess since the professor is the tech-crew, he got the door back up in no time flat).
Episode #73 is entitled "Voodoo." In this episode, the Professor has been turned into a frozen zombie, yet you can still see his eyes blink every so often.
Episode #73, after the Professor has been turned into a zombie and Ginger mistakenly does a "rain dance," all of the Castaways (except for the Professor, of course) run into a hut to stay out of the rain. The next day when we first see the Professor, he looks dry. After the Skipper instructs Gilligan to return the last artifact (the broach Mary Ann was wearing) and he returns with the Castaways' Voodoo dolls, the Professor's hair is suddenly matted to his head, making him appear to be wet! Yet only minutes before, he was dry and his hair looked the same as it always does.
Episode #75, "Man With A Net," the castaways all drink "tea", which is actually alcohol. Note that the Professor is drinking it too. In an earlier episode the Professor says that he doesn't drink (or that he is allergic to alcohol). How in the world did he manage to gulp down enough of the stuff to be knocked out cold?
Episode #76, "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow," when Gilligan becomes bald, Ginger brings him a wig to wear that she says she made from her own hair. However, the length and style of Ginger's hair in that scene is the same as in the previous scene, before she had made the wig.
Episode #78 When the headhunters capture all the castaways except for Gilligan, you may notice that the cage that the six residents are in only has two sides to it, as you can tell when there is an angle that is shot from behind. Too bad they didn't notice this and were able to escape.
Episode #78, "Topsy Turvy," when the Professor tells Gilligan not to believe everything he sees, the door swings shut behind Gilligan and the Skipper. When Gilligan goes out for the bananas, the door is still magically open!
Episode #78, "Topsy Turvy," Gilligan sits down to eat bananas while still suffering from double vision. As he is sitting there a faint puff of smoke appears from off screen from the left, quickly followed by a slightly more substantial puff. The Professor's experiments are inside the hut and the table is empty except for the banana bunch when Gilligan comes out, so there doesn't appear to be any source for the smoke within the reality of the island set. Perhaps some one on the set crew is smoking off camera?
Episode #81 where Gilligan thinks that he is Dr. Hyde, at the end he falls through a trap door with a clothes line rapped around him, saving the day. As he hangs there the professor replies "the rope is holding the trap door open." BUT his mouth IS NOT MOVING!
Episode #82, Eva Grubb comes to the island. During a scene, the castaways dress up Eva to look like Ginger. Then there is a split- screen shot of Eva and Ginger. In that shot, they look alike with Eva wearng a yellow dress exclaiming, "I'm the most beautiful girl I've ever seen!" However the mirrow reflects an image of Eva wearing an orange dress PLUS we can see from the back that Eva's dress is yellow!
In Episode #82 Mrs. Howell said that she cannot speak or understand French. Yet, in "You've Been Disconnected" during the scene when the Professor was tapping into the wires, she stated that she "speaks fluent French and Italian".
In Episode #83 the Skipper is swearing Gilligan in as a deputy, Gilligan starts reciting the Boy Scouts' Code. But he holds up three fingers, and while that is a Scout symbol, it's the symbol for the Girl Scouts.
Episode #84 a radio station sends out George Barkley to stay on the island for a week. When the Professor took a look at the transmitter that was supposedly broken by the Skipper, the Professor said that he couldn't fix it because a fuse was missing. If the Professor was so smart, why didn't he short the two wires together, or shave a penny to short it together? Come on, Professor, you're smarter than that!
Episode #84, "Take a Dare," a man will win $10,000 if he spends a week on an island-all alone! The Professor accuses Mary Ann of using his hammock to collect the wash, despite the fact that he sleeps on a hard bamboo bed!
Episode 85 is when Gilligan dreams he's an admiral and his ship is taken over by pirates. In the dream sequence, the pirates have Gilligan locked in a cage on deck. The cage is only a few feet away from the ship's mast where the keys are hanging. Because of this, Gilligan is able to free himself by using his belt to latch on to the keys. Later on, however, as Gilligan is sword fighting around the mast (with the pirates), the cage has mysteriously disappeared!
Episode #86, "The Hunter," a big game hunter goes man hunting after Gilligan. The hunter, Jonathan Kincaid, lands on the island and asks the castaways if there is any wild game on the island (to hunt)- the castaways say no. However, in an earlier episode: #74, "Where There's A Will," the castaways trap a wild boar for Mr. Howell's party! Maybe the castaways wanted Kincaid to hunt Gilligan...after all of his blunders!!!
Episode #86, ("The Hunter"), Gilligan falls into a water trough head first, but when Kincaid tries to pull him out, he emerges as if he had fallen in feet first.
Episode #86, big game hunter Jonathan Kincaid has been pulled into the water trough by Gilligan. When Kincaid emerges from the water and tries to shoot Gilligan, he discovers that his gun will not fire because it has become waterlogged. The Professor and the Skipper are right behind Kincaid when he tries to fire his rifle. When they see that Kincaid's gun could not fire, the Professor and the Skipper could have overpowered Kincaid, imprison him with his assistant, Ramoo, whom they had captured earlier, and then have taken off in Kincaid's helicopter for help. [Ed - But that would have ended the series]
Episode #87, the Professor makes a lie detector. In that episode, Gilligan's playing with the device and says, "I LIKE SPINACH" and the lie detector light turns red and it whonks which signifies that Gilligan was Iying. But in episode #71 when radioactive seeds are planted, Gilligan announces that spinach is his favorite vegetable and he ate enough to give himself Superhuman strength!
Episode #89, "Beauty Is And Beauty Does" around 12 minutes in, The Professor trips Gilligan with a bamboo stick. Gilligan falls down, and right in front of him lies a cigarette butt. He even looks right at it! Everybody use to smoke back then, including Gilligan, Skipper & Professor.
Episode #89, "Gilligan's Personal Magnetism." Skip to the part where Gilligan has become invisible. Now go to the section where Mary Ann enters the Skipper and Gilligan's hut with a glass of coconut milk. When the invisible Gilligan starts to drink the milk, one can see a large rubber tube extending from Mary Ann's right sleeve and going to the bottom of the glass. This is how they got the milk to disappear! They sucked it through the tube.
Episode #89, "Gilligan's Personal Magnetism." After having a bowling bowl stuck to his hand Gilligan & the Skipper are walking into their hut. Gilligan swings his hand back and knocks the hut door off its hinges. The hut door smashes over the Skippers' head. The door has the S.S. Minnow lifesaver on it which the skippers' head is also through. They cut to Gilligans' ashamed expression and when they cut back to the Skipper the door & the lifesaver is on upside-down! Impossible!
Episode #89, "Gilligan's Personal Magnetism" there is a scene where the Professor is working on a way to remove the bowling ball-shaped rock from Gilligan's hand. When the scene opens up - Mary Ann (Dawn Wells) is standing behind the Professor with her finger in her nose. She must have been picking away absent-mindedly when someone yelled "action" because she is clearly caught in that position. As the scene begins to play out she just kind of leaves her finger in place, probably hoping that it will look like a normal position. Then she casually brings her hand down, wipes it, and then puts her hands on the professor's arm in the next moment of excitement.
Episode #89, In "Gilligan's Personal Magnetism," there is a scene where a bolt of lightning stikes Gilligan. In the aftermath, the Professor, Mary Ann and the Skipper are looking around for Gilligan (who has now turned invisible). The skipper paws through the "wreckage" - palm branches that Gilligan is buried under. When he stands up it is apparent that the Skipper needs to zip up his fly.
Episode #90, "Splashdown," when Gilligan is lighting the logs on fire to spell S.O.S. you can see that his pants are already smoking before he backs into the lighted torch. Also, hiding under a tarp in the space capsule, Mr. Howell is holding his teddy bear. However, he then asks for it and Mrs. Howell finds it in a suitcase.
Episode #92, "The Second Ginger Grant," Mary Ann faints and when revived thinks she's Ginger. After a hypnotic sequence, Gilligan falls into some mud and decides to take a bath in his hut. Later, when the Skipper uses the key words "Mary Ann," Gilligan thinks he's Mary Ann and in embarrassment puts his entire head under the water. A minute later (when Gilligan is outside the hut) he is wrapped in a towel and his hair is dry! I know the tropics are sometimes hot, but can it really completely dry hair in just one minute?
Episode #95 where Gilligan wears a jet pack and is trying to get the Navy to spot him (they think he's a UFO).. when he takes off of the island, palm trees are everywhere, but on a down shot, you see nothing but pine trees! No palms in sight..
Episode #96, "The Pigeon," when the Skipper and Professor try to trap the giant spider in a four-part noose, the spider returns toward the cave where Gilligan is trapped. However, immediately the spider is gone and Gilligan runs toward the trap and tries it even though the spider was fast shown moving back to the cave. Additionally in this episode, the Professor suggests taking a photograph of the castaways in front of the wreckage of the Minnow, implying that the wreckage still existed, although it totally fell apart in episode 8!
Episode #97 "Bang, Bang, Bang," the monkey is on the roof of the hut throwing plastic explosives at the castaways. In that scene, the Professor runs behind a tree with his shirt un-tucked and his belt off. This happens just as the monkey throws a plastic golf ball at the tree. He then runs out and his shirt is tucked in and his belt is on. Did he risk his life to look more presentable?
Episode #97, "Bang!Bang!Bang!," Mrs. Howell is excited about playing her "first" game of golf, although she played golf on episode #57, and took the robot's advice on how to play her next shot.
Episode #97, a crate of plastic explosives floats onto the island. When Gilligan finds the modeling plastic, Mary Ann says they won't have to eat off of wooden plates anymore, yet at the end of the episode, the monkey throws a glass plate and breaks it! If the castaways only had wooden plates, where did the glass/china plate come from?
Sherwood Schwartz says he gets a particular kick out of this season because of the goofs that are pointed out. He says that there are so many problems producing an episode every week that it's easy to lose track of information; in #77 which violates something that was said or done in episode #23. One goof he remembers is in seeing five different maps of the island which the Professor had drawn on a blackboard in various episodes, none of which resembled any of the others, but they were too busy to notice that during the time of filming!
From the "Rescue from Gilligan's Island movie". The Professor is in his school laboratory talking to an anthropology professor about the courting rituals of primitive native tribes. The Professor recalls that one part of the native courtship procedure was for a couple to share coconut milk from a common straw. The Professor states that the name of the straw was a "watubi." However, in the series, the word "Watubi" was the name of a mythical witch doctor in episode #10.
From the "Rescue from Gilligan's Island movie". The Professor discovers that a tropical storm is approaching the island. He tells the Skipper and Gilligan that the storm will create a tsunami which will hit the island. The Skipper tells Gilligan that "tsunami" is an islander word for a large tidal wave. However, tsunamis are not caused by storms. Rather, they are caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions on the ocean floor. Secondly, the Skipper's definition for the word "tsunami" is correct. However, "tsunami" is a Japanese word.
From the "Rescue from Gilligan's Island movie". A fierce storm is approaching, and the castaways are tying themselves down in the main hut to ride out a tidal wave that is about to hit the island. At first, Mr. Howell objects to being tied down because he will not be able to reach his wallet and credit cards in such a position. However, every credit card is valid only for a few years until its expiration date, at which time a new card is then issued to the credit card holder. Since Mr. Howell has had the same credit cards on the island for 15 years, the cards would all have expired long ago and would now be obsolete.
In "The Castaways on Gilligan's Island," Gilligan falls out of the airplane with Mrs. Howell's suitcase. His hat also can be seen falling off. But, in the shot of him falling, his hat is on and the suitcase is nowhere to be seen!
In the reunion movie, "Rescue From Gilligan's Island," the Professor invented several items on his return to civilization, only to find that his `inventions' had been previously invented while he was shipwrecked. This implies that these items had not been invented prior to 1964!

The first item is a plastic toy that Gilligan recognizes as a Frisbee. However, Frisbees have been a popular outdoor toy since the 1950's. The second item is pantyhose. However, (modern day) pantyhose have been in use since the 1920's! The third item was an electric toothbrush, which were developed just after World War II and became available for consumer use in the 1950's! And the Professor "re-invented" a devise for moving furniture which was rally a skateboard. However skateboards were developed in the late 1950's and became quite popular in the early 1960's- prior to the wreck of the S.S. Minnow.

In "Rescue From Gilligan's Island" (castaways reunion TV movie), the castaways go for a one year reunion cruise aboard the Minnow II in which they get re-stranded on the same island. After the shipwreck, Gilligan discovers the "Minnow I" plank from the original boat. First of all, the original boat was called the "S.S. Minnow. " Secondly why would they have named it "Minnow I" unless they knew there would eventually be a "Minnow II?
From "GILLIGAN'S ISLAND: THE MUSICAL." In one of the first songs of the musical, the Skipper sings about his bereavement of having Gilligan as his first mate. During the song, he sings about being indebted to Gilligan's father for saving his life when they were in the Navy together. (That's why he felt obligated to keep Gilligan as his first mate.) However, from episode pilot, episode #1, and several others, the Skipper often talks about how Gilligan saved his life when they were in the Navy together!
S.S. Minnow Facts. All of the Minnows used in the show contained flybridges where the steering wheels were located. However, boats having flybridges also have a second steering wheel in the cabin below the flybridge, where the windshield is located. Boats having flybridges (including the Minnow) can thus be steered from the shelter of the flybridge cabin. On page 21 of Russell Johnson's book, "Here on Gilligan's Isle," you can see the second steering wheel in the cabin. You can also see the other steering wheel on the flybridge itself. Therefore, in the show's opening sequence of the storm, it makes little sense that the Skipper and Gilligan are steering the boat from the flybridge when they could be completely sheltered from the storm by steering from within the flybridge cabin.