The "Movie Star" Ginger Grant

Let Me Entertain You
It Had To Be You

"If we had to get marooned on an island, why couldn't we pick Manhattan!"

Any man worth his weight in hormones would give his right arm to be stuck on an island with Ginger Grant. Ginger is an alluring and sexy actress, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, who persists in worrying about her gowns, her appearance, her career, and Hollywood gossip.

Ginger follows a fascinating moral code. While Ginger's extraordinarily flirtatious and shapely, she never tried to advance her acting career on the casting couch. She's always willing to use her seductive powers or acting ability to help her fellow castaways. She diverts any visitor to the island, and she eagerly suggests plans of action based on parts she's played in movies.

Ginger lives in Hollywood, California, and has an agent whose name we never learn. She once sang in a club in Waikiki, Hawaii, played a nurse in one episode of Ben Casey, and had minor roles in a remarkable number of Hollywood pictures. At the time of the shipwreck, Ginger was scheduled to play the lead role of Cleopatra in the Broadway production of "Pyramid for Two" - a part she's convinced would have rocketed her to stardom.

Since she only brought one gown with her, she sews other gowns together from Mrs. Howell's remnants and fabric that washes ashore. She even made one dress from Gilligan's duffel bag. Ginger can't swim, and she can barely cook. She's always assisting the Professor (the only man on the island she truly desires), entertaining the other castaways with her singing and acting, or nursing the other castaways back to health. Her one regret in life is that she didn't pursue a career in nursing.

Ginger shares a hut with Mary Ann. They aren't best friends, but they fish, take mud baths, sew, cook, and do the laundry together.

A List of Ginger's Acting Credits:
Belly Dancers From Bali-Bali
San Quentin Blues
Housewives From Mars
Dracula's Women
Mohawk Over the Moon
The Rain Dance of Rango-Rango
The Cowgirl and the Pistol Peete
The Hula Girl and the Fullback
House on the Hill
Attack of the 50-Foot Anteater
Sing a Song of Sing-Sing (Musical)
Singing in the Clouds (Musical)
Ben Casey (TV Show: minor role)
Dr. Kildare (TV Show: guest)