Gilligan's Island Flight Sim

Did you know that in the Microprose Computer Flight Simulator "1942 The Pacific Air War" there is a secret mission? If you fly your plane over a little green dot at the top of one of the maps, you can actually fly over "Gilligan's Island". As you get near, you get the mayday message, then as you coast into the lagoon, you can see a beached boat. If you fly real low and head for the boat, the group of castaways can be seen lined up on the beach waving at you.

According to the "Official Strategy Guide" (by John Possidente, Prima publishing) for "1942 The Pacific Air War", on page 431 under the heading "Castaways" it gives the exact co-ordinates of the Island as 188 degrees 9 minutes East by 33 degrees 47 minutes North. It suggests that you use the game's Mission Builder to put your primary flight within the vicinity, otherwise you are in for a three hour flight.

Hope this helps for anyone else who is curious enough to give it a try.


Actual Screen Shots
Text Used in Game
Aerial View of the Island
Landing Approach
Docking on Island
Happy Castaways on the Ground
Crew Rescue