Gilligan's Island Episodes
Gilligan: Bob Denver
Skipper: Alan Hale Jr.
Mr. Howell: Jim Backus
Mrs. Howell: Natalie Schaefer
Ginger: Tina Louise
Professor: Russell Johnson
Mary Ann: Dawn Wells

Guests on the Show
Island Inventions

Pilot (Nov 26, 1963)
0 - Say A Few Words Into The Fish
This is the episode that started it all, the very first! New Professor, Ginger and Mary Ann.
First Season (Sept 26, 1964 - June 12, 1965) Saturday, 8:30pm CBS

1 - Two on a Raft (Aired September 26, 1964)
The castaways are marooned on the island. Gilligan and the Skipper set sail on a raft to find help.

2 - Home Sweet Hut
A hurricane is coming, so the castaways build one big hut to weather the storm.
3 - Voodoo Something to Me
The Skipper thinks that the island is full of 'VooDoo' when he thinks that Gilligan has been turned into a chimp.
4 - Good Night, Sweet Skipper
The Skipper has to relive a World War II experience to repair the radio transmitter as he sleepwalks.
5 - Wrongway Feldman
The castaways discover a long-forgotten aviator living on the island.
6 - President Gilligan
Gilligan is elected president of the island.
7 - Sound of Quacking
A blight cuts off the castaways' food supply when a duck lands on the island.
8 - Good-Bye Island
Gilligan discovers a special pancake glue that may help the castaways escape from the island.
9 - The Big Gold Strike
Mr. Howell discovers a gold mine on the island.
10 - Waiting for Watubi
Skipper believes a curse has fallen on him for disturbing the resting place of a carved Tiki god.
11 - Angel on the Island
Mr. Howell consents to back Ginger's Broadway play for its out-of-New York tryout on the island.
12 - Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk
During Christmas, the castaways get homesick and remember the first day they were shipwrecked.
13 - Three Million Dollars More or Less
Mr. Howell loses $3 million to Gilligan in a putting contest.
14 - Water, Water Everywhere
Though surrounded by water, the castaways suddenly discover that there isn't a spare drop to drink.
15 - So Sorry, My Island Now
The castaways are captured by a Japanese sailor.
16 - Plant You Now, Dig You Later
Gilligan unearths a chest, which the castaways think contains a pirate's treasure. The ownership goes to court as the Professor being the judge.
17 - Little Island, Big Gun
A mob leader (Jackson Farrell) and his henchmen fleeing from the police land on the island.
18 - X Marks the Spot
In a test of a deadly new missile, the Air Force zeros in on the castaways' island.
19 - Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy
Gilligan discovers a boy (Kurt Russell) living in the jungle.
20 - St. Gilligan and The Dragon
Angry because the men haven't kept their promise to build them private houses, the women move away.
21 - Big Man on Little Stick
The castaways have an unexpected visitor: a surfer from Hawaii who came in on a tsunami.
22 - Diamonds are an Ape's Best Friend
A gorilla is enchanted by Mrs. Howell's perfume and kidnaps her.
23 - How to be a Hero
The castaways devise schemes to help Gilligan feel like a hero.
24 - The Return of Wrongway Feldman
The castaways are revisited by 'Wrongway' Feldman.
25 - The Matchmaker
Mrs. Howell engineers a romance between Gilligan and Mary Ann.
26 - Music Hath Charm
Mrs. Howell forms a symphony orchestra.
27 - New Neighbor Sam
The castaways overhear the voices of gangsters threatening their lives.
28 - They're Off and Running
Mr. Howell wins all of the Skipper's possessions betting on turtle races.
29 - Three to Get Ready
The Skipper insists a stone found by Gilligan will grant the finder three wishes before sundown.
30 - Forget Me Not
The Professor tries to cure the Skipper's amnesia by hypnotizing him and taking him through time.
31 - Diogenes, Won't You Please Go Home?
The castaways discover that Gilligan has been keeping a secret diary.
32 - Physical Fatness
Gilligan puts the Skipper on a torturous crash diet.
33 - It's Magic
The castaways use a magician's props to scare away savages.
34 - Good-Bye, Old Paint
A famous painter (Dubov), who has renounced civilization, visits the island.
35 - My Fair Gilligan
Mr. Howell puts Gilligan through basic training to be a millionaire's socialite son after saving Mrs. Howell's life.
36 - A Nose By Any Other Name
A fall from a coconut tree gives Gilligan an inflated nose and a deflated ego.
2nd Season (Sept 16, 1965 - May 5, 1966) Thursday, 8:00pm CBS

37 - Gilligan's Mother-in-Law
A native family from another island comes seeking a husband for their lovely robust daughter.

38 - Beauty is and Beauty Does
Gilligan suggests a beauty contest to decide which of the three women will become "Ms. Castaway."
39 - The Little Dictator
The exiled president (Pres. Rodriguez) of a revolution-torn country visits the island.
40 - Smile, You're on Mars Camera
A space satellite with a TV camera intended for Mars lands on the island.
41 - The Sweepstakes
Gilligan has the winning ticket (G131131) for a South American sweepstakes.
42 - Quick Before it Sinks
Professor thinks that the island is sinking.
43 - Castaway Pictures Presents
The castaways make a silent movie in the hopes that it will be discovered by someone who will rescue them.
44 - Agonized Labor
Gilligan and the Skipper hear a radio broadcast telling of the collapse of the Howell financial empire.
45 - Nyet, Nyet - Not Yet
Two cosmonauts land on the island.
46 - Hi-Fi Gilligan
Gilligan's mouth becomes a radio after being struck on the head.
47 - The Chain of Command
The Skipper feels as if something is going to happen to him so he trains Gilligan to be a leader.
48 - Don't Bug the Mosquitoes
An American singing group, the Mosquitoes, lands on the island.
49 - Gilligan Gets Bugged
Gilligan's thinks he is doomed after being bitten by a yellow and green bug known as the "Mantis Kani".
50 - Mine Hero
Gilligan pulls a WWII mine out of the lagoon.
51 - Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue
Erika lands on the island looking for a place to start a new resort.
52 - Not Guilty
A crate containing coconuts is wrapped in an old newspaper that read that one of the castaways are being sought in a murder investigation involving Randolph Blake.
53 - You've Been Disconnected
A storm washes up a telephone cable at the lagoon.
54 - The Postman Cometh
The castaways hear that Mary Ann's old boyfriend is getting married on the radio, but Mary Ann believes that she has been poisoned by mushrooms.
55 - Seer Gilligan
Gilligan discovers an island bush with seeds that make mind reading possible.
56 - Love Me, Love My Skipper
The Howell's plan a party and the Skipper's invitation is lost.
57 - Gilligan's Living Doll
An experimental robot launched by the Air Force parachutes onto the island.
58 - Forward March
The castaways are attacked by a gorilla with hand grenades, machine guns and more.
59 - Ship Ahoax
The castaways begin to suffer from 'island madness.'
60 - Feed the Kitty
A lion washes ashore in the lagoon.
61 - Operation: Steam Heat
Hot water spurting from beneath the island warns the castaways that a volcano is about to erupt.
62 - Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up
The radio reports that Mr. Howell has been rescued and is spending all of his money. The imposter then lands on the island.
63 - Ghost a Go-Go
A ghost appears on the island and tries to scare the castaways off.
64 - Allergy Time
The Skipper is allergic to Gilligan. Soon all of the castaways are allergic to him.
65 - The Friendly Physician
A mad scientist lands on the island and takes them to his castle ....on a nearby island.
66 - "V" for Vitamins
The Professor determines that the lack of vitamin C on the island threatens the health of the crew. Jack and the Beanstalk dream.
67 - Mr. and Mrs. ??
A radio bulletin states that the Howell's aren't married at all.
68 - Meet the Meteor
A huge meteor lands on the island turning everything old.
69 - Up At Bat
Gilligan gets bit by a vampire bat.
3rd Season (Sept 12, 1966 - April 17, 1967) Monday, 7:30pm CBS

70 - Gilligan vs. Gilligan
Gilligan meets his double (foreign spy) on the island.

71 - Pass the Vegetables Please
Gilligan finds a crate of radioactive seeds.
72 - The Producer
Herald Hecuba lands on the island and the castaways put on a musical version of Hamlet.
73 - Voodoo
A witch doctor makes voodoo dolls from the castaways' personal objects.
74 - Where There's a Will
Mr. Howell revises his will, but then thinks that the castaways are trying to kill him.
75 - Man With a Net
Lord Beasley, famous butterfly catcher, lands on the island.
76 - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Gilligan wakes up with white hair, and overhears the Professor say that he has a rare disease that has made him 98 years old.
77 - Ring Around Gilligan
A mad scientist lands on the island and makes them do all sorts of things with magic rings.
78 - Topsy-Turvy
Gilligan bumps his head and sees everything upside down. Professor tries to help, but when he make his "Captivora Berry" extract, he then sees double, triple, ect... He then sees head hunters.
79 - The Invasion
While fishing, Gilligan and the Skipper reel in a secret U.S. Government briefcase.
80 - The Kidnapper
A Kidnapper (Don Rickles) kidnaps Mrs. Howell, then all of the girls one at a time.
81 - And Then There Were None
One by one, the women of the island mysteriously disappear. Gilligan then thinks that he is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
82 - All About Eva
A plane-jane woman lands on the island and the girls make her beautiful, but she looks exactly like Ginger.
83 - Gilligan Goes Gung Ho
Gilligan is made a deputy and slowly arrests each castaway.
84 - Take a Dare
George Barkley enters the "Take a Dare Contest". He will receive $10,000 if he can stay marooned on the island by himself.
85 - Court-Martial
The Maritime Board of Inquiry blames the Skipper for the Minnow crash.
86 - The Hunter
Jonathan Kinkaid lands on the island and then hunts Gilligan.
87 - Lovey's Secret Admirer
Mrs. Howell starts receiving mysterious love notes.
88 - Our Vines Have Tender Apes
An ape-man (Tongo) comes to the island and makes off with their food and supplies.
89 - Gilligan's Personal Magnetism
Gilligan get's struck by lighting while bowling. Professor tries to help him but turns him invisible instead.
90 - Splashdown
A manned space craft will pass over the island. The crew try to spell out SOS using logs as a rescue signal.
91 - High Man on the Totem Pole
Gilligan and the Skipper find a totem pole and the head of it looks just like Gilligan.
92 - The Second Ginger Grant
Mary Ann trips on stage. When she awakes, she thinks that she is Ginger.
93 - The Secret of Gilligan's Island
Gilligan discovers an ancient stone tablet that suppose to be the secret of getting them off the island.
94 - Slave Girl
Gilligan saves a beautiful woman from drowning and she vows to be his slave forever.
95 - It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Gilligan!
A United States jetpack washes ashore in the lagoon.
96 - The Pigeon
The Professor sees the arrival of a homing pigeon as an opportunity to be rescued. Black Morning Spider episode.
97 - Bang! Bang! Bang!
The castaways make use of a molding plastic, unaware that when hardened it explodes on impact.
98 - Gilligan, the Goddess
Three natives come to the island looking for a 'White Goddess'. CBS didn't realize that this would be the LAST show!

Rescue From Gilligan's Island (1978)
The castaways must try to readjust to life in civilization after they are rescued from the island.

The Castaways on Gilligan's Island (1979)
The Castaways finally get permanently rescued and they turn their island home into an exclusive resort.

The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island (1981)
The staff of the island resort need the aid of the Harlem Globetrotters to keep their island from a greedy millionaire.
Get Smart:
Even though this wasn't a Gilligan's Island show, we felt we had to mention that there was a Get Smart episode called "Schwartz's Island." Believe it or not, the set of Gilligan's Island was actually used in the "Schwartz's Island" episode of Get Smart.

The Smarts' honeymoon cruise ends when their sailboat blows up. They drift to an uncharted island, which soon proves to be owned by KAOS chief Seigfried. He and his henchman have erected a giant magnet to pull US Naval ships off course. With an assist from the Chief, CONTROL and Agent Larrabee, the Smarts' turn the island's device to their own advantage.

Guests on the Show (Island Visitors)

"The Wellington's" sang the first season theme
"The Eligibles" sang the second season theme

Wrongway Feldman (Hans Conried) Japanese Sailor (Vito Scotti) Jackson Farrell (Larry Storch), accomplice (Kenneth Smith) Indigo Mob "Hank" (Louis Quinn), "Lucky" (Jack Sheldon) Jungle Boy (Kurt Russell) Surfer Duke Williams (Denny Scott Miller) Alexandri Gregor Dubov (Harold J. Stone) Enrico Rodriguez (Nehemiah Persoff) Russian Cosmonauts Ivan and Igor (Vincent Beck, Danny Lega) The Mosquitoes (The Wellington's; Les Brown Jr. 'Band Leader', Ed Wade, George Patterson, Kirby Johnson) Erika Tiffany Smith (Zsa-Zsa Gabor), Boat driver (Michael Whitney) Robot (Bob D'Arcy) Minature Gilligan (Beanstalk) Patrick Denver Mr. Howell Imposter (Jim Backus) A Ghost (Richard Kiel), On Walkie-Talkie (Charles Maxwell) Mad Scientist Boris Balinkoff (Vito Scotti), Igor (Mike Mazurki) Gilligan's Double, a Russian Spy (Bob Denver) Harold Hecuba (Phil Silvers) Lord Beasley Waterford (John McGiver) Kidnapper Norbert Wiley (Don Rickles) Eva Grubb (Tina Louise) George Barkley (Strother Martin) Johnathan Kincaid (Rory Calhoun), Ramoo (Harold Sakata) Tongo the Ape Man (Denny Scott Miller) Native Girl Kalani (Midori), Native Warrier Ugandi (Michael Forest) King Killiwanna (Stanley Adams), Other Natives (Mickey Morton), (Robert Swimmer) Native Headhunters (Roman Gabriel) Then quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams, (Eddie Little Sky), (Allen Jaffe) Radio Announcer (Chick Hearns) Jetpack episode Sports Radio Announcer (John Facenda) Ship Ahoax Music Hath Charm Natives (Paul Daniel, (Russ Grieve), (Frank Corsentino) Native Family, Chief (Russ Grieve), Mother (Henny Backus), Fat Native Girl (Mary Foran), Native Warrier Haruki (Eddie Little Sky) Kupaki Headhunters (Jim Lefebra, Al Ferrar, Pete Sotoge) Matoban Tribe, Michael Forest, Mike Reece, Bill Hart Inmate Sterling Holloway (Birdy) (note: He is the real voice of Winnie The Pooh) Prison Guard, Harry Swoger CIA Agents (Plastic explosives) Rudy Larusso, at Headquarters Bartlett Robinson (Hartley) Kurt Duncan General Bryant, Operation Powdercake, Harry Lauter Kidnapping Ape and Ape With Weapons, Janos Prohaska Cape Canaveral Scientists, Booth Colman (Corwell), Arthur Peterson (Bancroft) Larry Thor (newscaster) Cinderella Knight, Billy Curtis Astronauts, Scott Graham (Tobias), Jim Spencer (Ryan) Mission Control, George Neise, Chick Hearns (Commentator) Gilligan's Pets: Emily the Duck. Fist named Everett because they thought it was a male. Episode 7 Sam the Parrot Episode 27 Rex the Turtle Episode 28 Gladys the Gorilla Episode 38 Leo the Lion Episode 60 Walter the Homing pigeon Episode 96 [Note] (Back home Gilligan had a turtle named Herman).

Island Inventions

They made a lot of things on the island. Let me try to name them. Rafts, shark repellent, Conch shells as a 
warning signal, golf clubs (bamboo of course), hammocks, tables, chairs, record player, dinner ware, tables, 
pancakes, wax candles, bamboo pedal washing machine, bamboo fan & sewing machine. Rock dumbbells, rock bowling 
ball with wooden pins, scale, moonshine, make-up (berries), rope, glue, fillings (by melting down pennies), 
lobster traps, pedal air pump, pedal-powered movie projector, bamboo drums & guitars, bathtub, badminton set, 
guillotine, spear gun, chainsaw, blowtorch, sea-water battery charger, chalk board, bamboo bunk bed, many cages, 
Professorís thermometer, stethoscope, nitroglycerine & Richter Scale, dummies, soap, stringer, hair tonic, blood 
pressure gauge, Geiger Counter, lightning rod, radiation  suit, plow, pedal-powered bamboo car, butterfly nets, 
homemade wigs, potions & medicines, huts, shampoo, dynamite, hot air balloon, lie detector, lantern, bamboo 
shopping cart, pedal powered electric generator, 4 person pedal-powered telegraph, brandy smoke logs, jetpack fuel, 
rope, spider cider and a pedal powered bamboo dentist drill.

OTHER CREDITS (some duplicate) "The Lost Pilot" Episode: #1.0 - 16 October 1992 John Gabriel .... Professor "Wrongway Feldman" Episode: #1.5 - 24 October 1964 Hans Conried .... Wrongway Feldman "Angel on the Island" Episode: #1.11 - 12 December 1964 Mel Blanc .... Parrot (voice) "Water, Water Everywhere" Episode: #1.14 - 2 January 1965 Mel Blanc .... Ribbit the Frog (voice) "So Sorry, My Island Now" Episode: #1.15 - 9 January 1965 Vito Scotti .... Japanese Soldier "Little Island, Big Gun" Episode: #1.17 - 23 January 1965 Louis Quinn .... Hank Jack Sheldon .... Lucky K.L. Smith .... Farrell's Accomplice Larry Storch .... Jackson Farrell "X Marks the Spot" Episode: #1.18 - 31 January 1965 Harry Lauter .... Major Adams Russell Thorson .... General Bryan "Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy" Episode: #1.19 - 6 February 1965 Kurt Russell .... Jungle Boy "Big Man on a Little Stick" Episode: #1.21 - 20 February 1965 Denny Miller .... Duke Williams "Diamonds Are an Ape's Best Friend" Episode: #1.22 - 28 February 1965 Janos Prohaska .... Ape "The Return of Wrongway Feldman" Episode: #1.24 - 13 March 1965 Hans Conried .... Wrongway Feldman "Music Hath Charms" Episode: #1.26 - 27 March 1965 Frank Corsentino .... Native Paul Daniel .... Native Russ Grieve .... Native "Diogenes, Won't You Please Go Home?" Episode: #1.31 - 1 May 1965 Vito Scotti .... Japanese Sailor "Goodbye Old Paint" Episode: #1.34 - 22 May 1965 Harold Stone .... Dubov "Gilligan's Mother-in-Law" Episode: #2.1 - 16 September 1965 Henny Backus .... Native Mother Mary Foran .... Native Daughter Russ Grieve .... Native Chief Eddie Little Sky .... Native Warrior "The Little Dictator" Episode: #2.3 - 30 September 1965 Nehemiah Persoff .... Rodriguez "Smile, You're on Mars Camera" Episode: #2.4 - 14 October 1965 Booth Colman .... Corwell Arthur Peterson .... Bancroft Larry Thor .... Newscaster "Nyet, Nyet, Not Yet" Episode: #2.9 - 18 November 1965 Vincent Beck .... Igor Danny Klega .... Ivan "Don't Bug the Mosquitoes" Episode: #2.12 - 9 December 1965 Les Brown Jr. .... Bingo Kirby Johnson .... Irving George Patterson .... Bango Ed Wade .... Bongo "Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue" Episode: #2.15 - 30 December 1965 Zsa Zsa Gabor .... Erika Tiffany Smith Michael Witney .... Johnny "Not Guilty" Episode: #2.16 - 6 January 1966 Al Schottelkotte .... Himself "You've Been Disconnected" Episode: #2.17 - 13 January 1966 Sandra Gould .... Telephone Operator "Gilligan's Living Doll" Episode: #2.21 - 2 October 1966 Bob d'Arcy .... Robot "Forward March" Episode: #2.22 - 17 February 1966 Janos Prohaska .... Ape "Ghost-a-Go-Go" Episode: #2.27 - 24 March 1966 Richard Kiel .... Ghost "The Friendly Physician" Episode: #2.29 - 7 April 1966 Mike Mazurki .... Igor Vito Scotti .... Physician "V for Vitamins" Episode: #2.30 - 15 April 1965 Patrick Denver .... Little Gilligan "Gilligan vs. Gilligan" Episode: #3.1 - 16 September 1966 Henry Corden .... Commodant (voice) "The Producer" Episode: #3.3 - 3 October 1966 Phil Silvers .... Harold Hecuba "Voodoo" Episode: #3.5 - 10 October 1966 Eddie Little Sky .... Witch Doctor "Man with a Net" Episode: #3.6 - 24 October 1966 John McGiver .... Lord Beasley "Ring Around Gilligan" Episode: #3.8 - 7 November 1966 Vito Scotti .... Dr. Boris Balinkoff "Topsy-Turvy" Episode: #3.9 - 14 November 1966 Roman Gabriel .... Native Allen Jaffe .... Native Eddie Little Sky .... Native "The Kidnapper" Episode: #3.11 - 28 November 1966 Don Rickles .... Norbett Wiley "Gilligan Goes Gung Ho" Episode: #3.14 - 26 December 1966 George N. Neise .... Pilot James Spencer .... Copilot "Take a Dare" Episode: #3.15 - 2 January 1967 Strother Martin .... George Barkley "The Hunter" Episode: #3.17 - 16 January 1967 Rory Calhoun .... Jonathan Kincaid Harold Sakata .... Ramoo "Our Vines Have Tender Apes" Episode: #3.20 - 30 January 1967 Denny Miller .... Tongo the ape man "Splashdown" Episode: #3.21 - 20 February 1967 Scott Graham .... Tobias Chick Hearn .... Commentator (voice) George N. Neise .... NASA Official James Spencer .... Ryan "High Man on the Totem Pole" Episode: #3.22 - 27 February 1967 Al Ferrara .... Native Jim Lefebvre .... Native "Slave Girl" Episode: #3.25 - 20 March 1967 Michael Forest .... Ugundi Midori .... Kalani "It's a Bird, It's a Plane" Episode: #3.26 - 27 March 1967 Edward Faulkner .... Colonel Walt Hazzard .... Air Force Lieutenant Chick Hearn .... Radio Announcer (voice) Frank Maxwell .... General "The Pigeon" Episode: #3.27 - 3 April 1967 Sterling Holloway .... Burt "Bang! Bang! Bang!" Episode: #3.28 - 10 April 1967 Kirk Duncan .... Parsons Bartlett Robinson .... Hartley "Gilligan, the Goddess" Episode: #3.29 - 17 April 1967 Stanley Adams .... King Kaliwani Mickey Morton .... Native #1 Robert Swimmer .... Native #2