Don McMurry's Gilligan's Island Artwork

Well I guess I have a bit of the Island Bug because I'm at it again, but I won't tell you who's'll be a suprise. As for me, I work in the water well industry in Arizona, been a GI fan since grade school when we used to play GI at recess. GI was one of the things I got to pass on to my kids and I still enjoy it as much now as I did then. I'm married to a wonderful person who puts up with me fairly well, I have three daughters, one who started college this year (which really makes me want to travel to the Island). I draw, build models, write, kick around with friends on the Hobby Talk BB, and AOL, and I'm Commsioner for the local American Youth Soccer Organization.

Thanks for the interest in my work, and I'm flattered that you think it's worth showing to other fans.

Your Internet Castaway,


Gilligan Surprise
Mary Ann
Gilligan on Minnow
Gilligan Looking Out