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"I really like to 'childize' characters. Y' know... draw them like they would have been as kids"

First of all I am a BIG GI fan. It's such a great show I don't know how anybody could not like it. It's got physical comedy, great wordplay and endearing characters. And best of all it's clean! No blood and guts, harsh language or 'adult situations' (like paying bills and going to work). Since I like to draw it's only natural I would end up drawing stuff from the show. I really enjoy drawing characters as they would have been like as kids. Mr. Howell was spoiled rotten, the Professor was the class brain, Ginger was a child star and of course Gilligan would have been bringing pets home right and left. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my drawings!


Little Gilligan
Little Skipper
Little Thurston
Little Ginger
Little Professor
Little Mary Ann
Mary Ann and Gilligan
Marshal Gilligan
Best Friends