Gilligan's Island Books
You can find these books at your favorite Book Store. Most of them you will probably have to special order, and some of the earlier ones have been discontinued and are now collector's items.

1)TV Treasure: A Companion Guide to Gilligan's Island. By: Sylvia Stoddard. Trivia, photos, behind-the-scenes tidbits, interviews, biographies, and descriptions of vital missing scenes edited out for syndication. 370 pages. Paperback. $5.99

2)Sherwood Schwartz: "Inside Gilligan's Island" (1994) book offer with genuine, authentic personalized autograph from Sherwood Schwartz! This new book has a very colorful cover and special color photo section inside! Plus this book contains updated information about the Gilligan's Island Musical and the movie. Over 332 pages.


3)Bob Denver: "Gilligan, Maynard and Me" (1993) is a book that chronicles his life and acting career. Throughout this book, Bob takes us backstage and behind the scenes of the #1 most popular TV series in syndication - Gilligan's Island". It contains hundred's of stories about cast and crew of various episodes and provides an indepth/inside view of the workings of Hollywood television. It explains the way pilots and series are created and includes Bob Denver's relationship with Sherwood Schwartz and the other cast. In addition, Bob Denver reveals his fifty most favorite "Gilligan's Island" episodes and explains the painsaking work behind all the pratfalls, gadgets and special effects. Audio cassette also available. (Book is 1st edition, 183 pages with over 90 rare and unique photos) $12.95

4)Russell Johnson: "Here on Gilligan's Island" (1993). The "Professor's behind - the-scenes guide to everything you ever wanted to know about Gilligan's Island, including a complete episode guide- and more. This book is a treasure for true fans, with original interviews with all the cast, gossip and trivia, original sketches of the professor's wacky inventions and candid backstage photos!


5)Dawn Wells: "Mary Ann's Gilligan's Island Cookbook" 1993. For three adventurous seasons in the 1960's, the seven castaways were never without food. It seemed that whatever they gave Mary Ann- from lobsters and coconuts to papaya and seaweed- in a matter of minutes she could whip up a delicious South Seas banquet. More than 300 recipes from Mary Ann and other cast members, photgraphs and stories from the set, trivia questions and answers, dialogue and biographies of the castaways and others, and an episode guide.


6) "The unofficial Gilligan's Island Handbook" (1988). This was the FIRST modern day book about Gilligan's Island. 372 This book is interesting and easy to read. Due to it's unavailability it now sells for $19.95. ***1/3

7) "Gilligan's Island" (1966). Hardcover, 212 pages with 12 pencil-type line drawings and a full color cover. Current price for MINT condition is approximately $75.00.**