Gilligan's Island - Baywatch

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28 years after we first met the passengers and crew of the shipwrecked "S.S. Minnow" on their "uncharted desert isle," "Baywatch," the action/adventure series about L.A. lifeguards is flashing back to the original hit series "Gilligan's Island."

In this special program, lifeguard Eddie Kramer (Billy Warlock) gets hit on the head and dreams he's on "Gilligan's Island."

Bob Denver and Dawn Wells ("Gilligan" and "Mary Ann"), from the 1964 -- 1967 series, reprise their roles in this episode of "Baywatch." The other "Gilligan's Island" characters are played by "Baywatch" regulars with Erika Eleniak as "Ginger," Monte Markham as "Thurston Howell III," Tom McTigue as the "Professor" and Gregory Alan-Williams as the "Skipper."

To re-create the look and feel of "Gilligan's Island," much of the original set was used in the fabrication of the new set under the direction of Sherwood Schwartz, creator and executive producer of "Gilligan's Island." This includes the familiar palm trees, bamboo huts and contraptions that surrounded the "castaways." The lightinq, wardrobe and style of photography are also true to the original series.

Teaming up to make this special "Baywatch" program a family affair are Sherwood Schwartz, his nephew Doug Schwartz and his son Lloyd Schwartz. Doug, director of this episode and co- executive producer of "Baywatch," once served as dialogue coach on "Gilligan's Island." Lloyd, who wrote this episode, was also a writer on "Gilligan's Island."

"Baywatch," starring David Hasselhoff, revolves around the lives and adventures of a dedicated group of Los Angeles lifeguards as they face life and death situations patrolling the scenic and often dangerous Southern California coastline.

When Mitch finds his entire staff glued to the headquarters TV watching their favorite "Gilligans Island" characters in re-runs, he scolds them and sends them out to their respective assignments.

Later, an amorous couple go a little too far in front of Eddie's tower, he trots down the ramp to break them up. Suddenly he slips on some sand and hits his head on the tower ramp. He seems alright, but after he and Shauni take the Scarab out to help a stranded Jet-Skier, everything goes a little crazy. Their boat doesn't start and they have to spend the night on Anacapa Island waiting for help. When Eddie spots a man wearing a red shirt and sailor's cap, he can't help.but notice his resemblance to his favorite re-run character, "Gilligan." Eddie chases after the fleeing man and they both fall off a cliff, saved only by a handy vine. To Eddie's surprise, it is actually "Gilligan," and it turns out that he and "Mary Ann" are both stuck on the island. He explains that the "Professor" crafted a boat big enough for only two, and he and "Mary Ann" soled toward the mainland to find help. Shipwrecked on Anacapa Island, they don't even knew how close to land they are.

The next day, Eddie repairs the Scarab and he and Shauni return to headquarters with "Gilligan" and "Mary Ann." Things are even crazier there. Captain Thorpe has won the lottery and in the spirit of capitalism decides to produce a TV movie about "Gilligan" and "Mary Ann." To keep the ending up-beat, he buys a yacht, the "Minnow II," and sets out with Garner, Shauni, Eddie, "Gilligan," "Mary Ann" and Harvey to find the rest of "stranded castaways" on "Gilligan's Island.' Shortly after they embark, a huge storm breaks and the "Minnow II" is shipwrecked on a deserted island. While the group settles in, Eddie falls for "Mary Ann" and Shauni makes a play for "Gilligan." The couples make hasty wedding plans and ask Garner to perform the ceremony. Before the weddings can take place," Harvey, always a fan of the "Professor," finishes work on a small boat, the "Minnow III," and the castaways draw straws to see which two will sail to freedom. When "Gilligan" and "Mary Ann" draw the longest straws, Eddie and "Mary Ann" exchange a heartfelt good-bye and the remaining castaways head back to their huts. While looking for food, Eddie gets clipped by a coconut and awakes to find himself at Baywatch headquarters. But was it all a dream?